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With this year coming to an end, I feel like there is so much for all of us to look forward to in the new year! I absolutely love raves and festivals because they bring lots of happiness and good vibes into my life and with the new year rolling in, I want to amplify that happiness! I think it’s fun for us to go to the usual raves and continue having these great experiences, but we could make these experiences even more memorable by checking things off of an ultimate Raver’s Bucket List!

Now if you aren’t familiar with the term bucket list, it’s basically a list of things that you want to experience or accomplish in your lifetime, so this raver’s bucket list follows that same concept but is geared more towards raves, festivals, and rave related things. This is something fun for you and your friends to do to make a typical night out even more unforgettable! So I made this list of 50 things, the purpose is to do different, fun, exciting things that you don’t normally do in order to get new experiences, fun memories, and exciting adventures! Feel free to alter the list or completely start from scratch to make your own bucket list tailored to your life. 

  1. Attend a rave or festival in another state.
  2. Attend a rave or festival in another country
  3. Go to an event alone and make all new friends
  4. Wear an outfit you wouldn’t usually wear. For example, if you usually go to raves wearing a rave bra or crop top, try out a banana suit or pasties.
  5. Get a rave name
  6. Take a picture with a DJ
  7. Take a picture with your favorite DJ
  8. Give your favorite DJ a special kandi you made for them
  9. Buy a kind person a festival ticket
  10. Stay in the front row of the stage for a full set
  11. Push the button for Above & Beyond
  12. Learn a new flow art
  13. Learn to shuffle
  14. Make a complicated 3D Kandi Cuff for someone special
  15. Make your own custom rave outfit
  16. Find and go to an underground event
  17. Attend a camping festival
  18. Invite new friends back to your campsite and get to know them
  19. Climb in and take a ride on Steve Aoki’s raft
  20. Throw cake at Steve Aoki
  21. Pet the T-Rex at Excision
  22. Get the full EDC Week experience in Las Vegas starting with day parties and clubbing to your favortie beats and ending with EDC LV
  23. Take a road trip from EDC LV to Michigan for Electric Forest the following week
  24. Attend all renditions of EDC
  25. Attend all renditions of Ultra
  26. Experience a transformative festival
  27. Go to workshops and talks during transformative festivals
  28. Become friends with your favorite DJ
  29. Be invited to dance on stage to your favorite song
  30. After party with your favorite artists
  31. Attend a festival cruise like Holy Ship! or Groove Cruise
  32. Rave in the snow
  33. Rave on the beach
  34. Rave in a forest or jungle
  35. Rave in the desert
  36. Meet Pasquale Rotella
  37. Take a ride on the ferris wheel with someone special
  38. Take a party bus with your rave fam to an event
  39. Take a ride into EDC by helicopter
  40. Get the VIP experience at your favorite festival
  41. Go to a festival where you barely know the artists and listen to new music
  42. Get married at EDC to your best friend, rave family, or S.O.
  43. Hang out backstage with your favorite DJ
  44. Host a pizza party with Justin Martin
  45. Throw your own mini rave
  46. Learn to DJ
  47. Then make a sick mix for a house party you’re throwing
  48. Be an iHeartRaves Unicorn
  49. Be on the iHeartRaves SnapChat
  50. Meet Mama Unicorn, Minnie, and Tiny Dancer and trade kandi!!!

Danielle Guillory
A free spirited, loving raver living a very PLUR lifestyle :)

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