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You Know You're Festie Besties When...

You Know You're Festie Besties When...

Festie besties not only go to festivals, shows, and events with you, but they also give you memories of a lifetime that you’ll cherish forever. Luckily enough, I have a festie bestie that I’ve grown up with since we were in the 1st grade, introduced her to the rave culture, and immediately got her hooked onto rave life. Introducing my best friend to my beloved hobby of raving was the best thing that I’ve ever done, because without her, I don’t think I’d have someone from my past who understands the person I am today. For all of my fellow ravers out there, you know you have a festie bestie when you…

Spend weekends together having kandi parties. There would be weekends when we’d be bored and just decide to make kandi for our next event. Kandi parties are a time when we bond even more, exchange creative ideas, and tell each other with all honesty whether or not a single that we just made is ugly. We love giving/trading kandi with new friends that we make and always run out of trade-ables!



Help one another out with outfits/themes for events and festivals. I love it when our group comes up with themes to dress up as that not only signifies our unity, but also our individuality! My festie bestie helps me come up with creative group themes and without her I think I’d run dry of ideas. At least we’re not wearing the exact same thing!


Ninja Turtles at Finger Lickin’


Minions at Beyond Wonderland 2013!


Send the other the lineup for the festival you’re both attending. I get so excited when I have someone to share my excitement with over a lineup!


In 2013, we were separated into different groups. 2014 was our first EDC together emoji


Surprise the other with tickets to a show. I once won tickets for my festie bestie for a Ruby Skye show that she wanted to go to and couldn’t help but feel happy that I made her happy with a surprise! 🙂

Take silly selfies together. Who doesn’t want to be with someone who can be equally as silly and crazy as yourself?! I love my festie bestie because she gets my weird side and can get on my level

Look out for one another at events. I don’t ever want anything bad to happen to my festie bestie, so I check in once in a while to make sure she has enough water,  needs to go to the bathroom, or if she needs me to save her from some guy that’s chatting her up. I can’t tell you how many times my festie bestie has saved my life! Plus, we need to make sure we both have as much fun as possible right?!

My festie bestie and I at EDC 2014 emoji

Let them go to create their own rave family and memories  Although being festie besties implies always go to events together, sometimes you have to accept that they make new friends too and that they may want to start going to events you have no interest in with their new friends. So sometimes the best thing to do is to let go and be happy for them. I love my festie bestie to the moon and back even though we don’t go to as many events together anymore. I’m just happy that she was able to bring in baby ravers and nurture them to become some of the PLURest people I know 🙂

My festie bestie and some of her family, Hybrid Theory at CrushSF!

You don’t need to have done all of these things to have that one person to be your festie bestie. This is definitely a very short list of what my own festie bestie and I have done with each other and there are plenty more to be added. Give your festie bestie some love, remind them how grateful you are for them, and remember to spread the love

My festie bestie and I today emoji

Stephanie Quiambao
Living life like a breeze in the Bay Area, sharing the love to my fellow ravers

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