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Why Raves Are the Best Form of Therapy

Why Raves Are the Best Form of Therapy

The extraordinary communities built around music, all types of music, exist because music connects us and allows us to express ourselves in a variety of ways. For many, EDM lovers and haters alike, music speaks to them on a deeper level. Whether it’s the tantalizing melodies, heavy bass, or powerful vocals that get you, it’s undeniable that music is uplifting and can be used a legitimate form of therapy.

We will dive deeper into the wonders of music therapy in another article, but for now, let’s focus on what makes the EDM community feel so strongly about the music and festivals they love so much. Ravers often claim that raves are their form of therapy or escape from the world. While music seems to be an escape for many, why is it that the EDM community puts an emphasis on their festivals being a therapeutic escape as well? It’s a combination of the music and the culture of the community itself.


The EDM community is very unique as it’s one of the few music communities with such a unifying culture behind it. While there are strong communities behind other genres, none of them seem to perpetuate a culture of love, understanding, and inclusion to the same extent that the rave community does.

It begins with the atmosphere of a festival. Here, you’re surrounded by happy people who are even happier to make new friends. Festival goers embrace PLUR and with beautiful music playing, incredible stages and art installations as a backdrop, and great vibes all around, it’s easy to get swept up in all the fun. It’s hard to be mopey when everyone around you is having fun and making a point to include you in all the fun too. When you’re down, the atmosphere lifts you up and if you’re feeling good, the atmosphere only amplifies it. 

Many view raves like EDC as a homecoming or a reunion with their rave families and friends, some even calling it their home. Through the struggles and stress of everyday life, these festivals are something positive that many ravers look forward to. Because of the positive energy at these events, we always look forward to coming back for more – not just to party, but to be a part of a community; one where you don’t need to fear judgement.

From all of my personal rave experiences, I have found that raves really are a form of therapy. The music and the environment combined that fills me with euphoria.  As the music enters my ears, the negative thoughts leave my mind. As I jump and dance to the beat, any anxiety melts away. As I meet new people and make new friends, my self esteem grows. There are so many aspects of these one of a kind events that make it easy to totally let go of all the worries of the outside world and just embrace the moment. There was even a time I cried on the dancefloor, but I didn’t cry tears of sadness, they were tears of joy. That rush of happiness that passes through you when you are surrounded by people you love and losing yourself in your favorite beats is one of the best ways to release built up tension. Music is so powerful, and when combined with amazing vibes all around you, it’s something magical. Even after the rave, when you hear those festival anthems, those feelings come rushing back.

Therapy is great and I feel like everybody needs a little therapy in their life and in my opinion, raves are the best form of therapy you can get. It’s more than just music and it’s more than just a rave, it’s an environment where we can all let go of everything bogging us down, not worry about the stress of life, and be the happiest versions of ourselves.

Danielle Guillory
A free spirited, loving raver living a very PLUR lifestyle :)

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