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After the chaos of last year, rumors of TomorrowWorld’s absence in 2016 quickly circulated around the Internet like a wildfire on a dry summer’s day. The rumors were finally grounded in reality early Tuesday morning after TW made the announcement that the sovereign grounds of Chattahoochee Hills will not host the fourth installment of TW. The cancellation of the festival was heavily speculated after  SFX announced their bankruptcy.

Despite 2015 being my first TW, there are still things that I will (and will not) miss about its absence.

  1. Waking up with spiders in and out of my tent.

    Of course, what I mean by uninvited-spiders-lurking-in-my-tent is the wildlife and scenery at the Chattahoochee Hills. Before the massive storm that put a damper on some attendees experience, the rich green landscape was captivating as it was illuminated by the warm rays of the sun. It was a beautiful sight to see. You don’t really get that kind of organic nature living in the city of San Francisco (unless you take the time to venture out of the city). Sure, obstacles like giant spiders and bugs and *gasp* no cell service were troublesome, but the trade off was well worth it.

  2. Meeting The People of Tomorrow.

    One of the things that I noticed about TW was that people from all over the world made their attendance. Strangers quickly became friends in the storybook land. Compared to other festivals like EDC and Ultra, there were less douchebags. Of course, there were still a small number of douchebags. Let’s be real, there’s really no way to get rid of this festival virus spawned solely to destroy the “good vibes” of others, but their numbers were small. The genuine hospitality and smiling faces of everyone in TW was the right remedy for the meanies.

  3. The mud!!!

    The unexpected mudslide of TW was a hit or miss for some. After the heavy rain that drenched the festival and campgrounds of TW, flooding some camps and creating a trench of mud, many people were forced to journey through thick and grimy pathways. Soiling their clothes and rave gear in the process. Some people attributed their bad experience to this. But a few, like I, enjoyed the change of terrain. I felt like a kid again, enjoying a nice time in the rain (I’m easily amused BTW). The smell of crisp rain mixing with the soil released a refreshing smell of nature that made my TW experience feel more organic. The mud made walking more difficult, forcing you pick and choose your travels wisely: if you wanted to do something, then you must be determined since you’re going to be trekking through the thick, sinking mud. Footprints and shoes/sandals that were lost and forgotten in the encasing dirt were the price of many that journeyed before, encouraging you that if they can do it, so can you! Also, it was funny to see people slip and fall, especially your friends.

  4. Cold showers.

    I love a cold shower as much as the next guy. The showers were a hub of bonding as you went with your friends to the face the freezing reality of cleanliness. Many decided that they need not to shower, but that decision changed when they quickly realized there was a stench of rave and feet that emitted from them. This could have been the deal-breaker for festival love. While new friendships were forged in the shower lines, old bonds were also strengthened as bros gingerly ask their fellow bros to wash their backs. O.k., maybe not that last part, but there were a lot of homoerotic jokes thrown around as guys rat tailed each other. I know I threw a few (;P) Nothing wrong with that. Never take for granted a nice, soothing warm shower after a hot festival day to wash away all the dirt, sweat and sin. This is something that I learned. And if you don’t want to shower, remember, it’s better to smell like an overused bottle of AXE than of raging balls.

  5. “The Bud Lights were, like, 10 dollars . . . LET’S PRE-GAMMEEE!!!”

    This is my friend Lance, and he is gay . . . so please don’t attack me for the shirt.?

    The idea of paying more than two dollars for what can be considered diet beer made you really re consider drinking. If you really wanted to spend pearls for alcohol, then you really wanted that drink. Because of this, I stayed sobered most of the time I was frolicking in the Land of Tomorrow; my mind was able to absorb more of the vivid magic that emitted from TW, helping me to truly enjoy my time with the music and my friends. Due to cost and limited funds, pre-gaming at a campsite was excessively emphasized (sometimes too much). If TW was the magic, then being at a campsite with friends before was the incantation; it’s where the magic began and ended. Some of my most cherished memories of TW was hopping around to different campsites, meeting and hanging out with amazing people. Which leads me to . . .


    What really grounded me into the magic of TW was the people I was with. I went with over 20 of my friends and befriended 20 more. Everyone that I met had something special about them. Sure, I would have had a good time at TW because of the music and production. But my experience was heightened to euphoric lengths because of who I was able to surround myself with. I still smile at the memories that would make a surprise appearance when I’m on the train listening to music or scrolling through Facebook. There is nothing like enjoying a festival as you’re surround by your best-friends. I love everyone who made the journey with me, everyone who left an imprint on my heart. 

    Even though the magical book of Tomorrow is closed for 2016, there is still light for 2017. I hope that SFX Entertainment recovers from this hiccup and brings the amazing journey into The World of Tomorrow back to the Chattahoochee Hills in Atlanta. I’ll be waiting.

Airec Syprasert
I graduated with a degree in College at SFSU. When I'm not writing for iHeartRaves, I'm scribbling away at Schulz Army and The Scene Is Dead. I'm just trying to navigate life one adventure at a time, all while trying to document a piece of my life for y'all with just the right amount of crazy. #SorryAsianParents

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