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Excision Created a Legend in Festival History with Lost Lands

LOST LANDS 2017!!! Talk about giant f**king dinosaurs everywhere! Wow, this festival is one that everyone should look into when planning your next festival adventure (especially if you're a bass head). Whether you are planning to go by yourself, with a giant group of dinosaurs, or maybe you're an event producer yourself, trying to see how you can improve your own events, whatever it is, do not overlook what Excision and his team have created!


Get Lost With Me At Lost Lands: 4 Sets You Can't Miss

Come one, come all you Neanderthals! Do you still need help figuring out which sets to check out at Lost Lands? Well look no further, here are a few artists I can’t wait to check out! Luckily there are two massive stages at Lost Lands, Prehistoric Paradox and Cave of Souls; Totaling to a rib-cage rattling 750,000 watts of bass, you need to experience. (Don’t forget they are passing out earplugs at the gate)...


Tips On Prepping For The Most Anticipated Bass Festival: Lost Lands

Preparing for this much bass is ultimately impossible. It isn’t a festival anyone is ready for. I, myself am a huge headbanger, and I definitely am not prepared for this weekend to come. WHAT DO YOU EVEN EXPECT? (Hold on while I catch my breath.) This whole festival is going to amazing. There are over 50+ DJ/producers to make this one unforgettable bass festival... 


Headbangers Unite! Lost Lands is Coming

As of October 2nd, the area known as Thornville in Ohio may very well not exist as it is today; instead it is quite possible as of that day all that remains is a massive crater in the ground with ensuing wreckage comparable to that of the legendary Pompeii disaster; just instead of volcanic ash and city remnants, there will only be shards of broken rails, half torn speakers, and filth-engulfed stage debris.



Canada’s bass god, Excision, is heading to Shambhala this August (as he does every year) and so are we! As it will be our first time there, we thought we’d catch up with Gregg Lillie from Excision’s management team to get the inside scoop on the festival. This will be Excision’s 10th year playing at this festival and we can’t wait for what’s in store!