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EDM fashion


Recently, an article popped up on my newsfeed and though it’s from Cosmo, a site I don’t frequent, the headline piqued my interest. Danielle Tullo, an editorial assistant at Cosmo, mustered up some confidence, rocked a gorgeous sheer one piece from Mimimale Animale, and relayed her experience to the world. When I first saw “I Wore a Fishnet Bathing Suit in Public and Got Shamed for It All Day,” I thought the suit had to be quite scandalous to evoke such a reaction in this modern era.


The Lady Casa Collection

Lady Casa first popped up on the radar through Kaskade’s infamous Instagram post of her eclectic Freaks of Nature outfit featuring the work of a talented body paint artist. Over the years, we’ve seen her put together incredibly intricate and beautiful outfits for each festival. What we love so much about Lady Casa’s outfits is that every piece, from the flashy headpieces to the finishing touches of pretty hosiery, is curated and intentionally put together to create a masterpiece of an outfit that has special meaning to her.123