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Kick off Your Festival Season at EDC Mexico 2019

Kick off Your Festival Season at EDC Mexico 2019

As 2018 comes to a close, I'm starting to look ahead to 2019 and setting goals for the new year. In 2019, I'd like to attend bigger events next year that I haven't had the chance to attend in the past. One of these events that I had been strongly considering was EDC Mexico. EDC Las Vegas was my first electronic festival and remains my favorite to this day, and I’ve always wanted to try attending an EDC in another country. Then, Insomniac and OCESA released the jaw-dropping EDC Mexico lineup this week, and I knew this festival had to be one of my next stops!

EDC 2018 - My Electrified Experience

EDC 2018 - My Electrified Experience

I seriously can’t believe how much fun I had at EDC this year. A weekend that started as a last minute decision became a totally great experience -- but don’t they usually start that way? I was hesitant about attending EDC this year because this weekend coming up I have Lightning in a Bottle, and I didn’t want to be too exhausted or get sick. I told myself, you know what, f-it, yolo, I’ll just not go too hard at EDC. CONTINUE READING
Camp EDC Checklist
Photo Credit: Insomniac Events

Camp EDC Checklist

EDC has opened their gates to camping and I’m so excited to try out the air-conditioned ShiftPods that will be my oasis during the exciting and hectic weekend! In my camping experience, I’ve found this camping checklist to be incredibly essential to not only having an amazing time but staying healthy and hydrated during the festival.  CONTINUE READING


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