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The Rebirth of Trance

In a literal sense, to be in a state of trance means to be in a hypnotic state in between sleep and conciousness. But for us in the raving world, a state of trance means being in a state of musical euphoria. It can be agreed that trance moves hearts and takes us on an emotional journey. Lyrics play an important role of reminding us of the loss of a loved one, heartbreak, or the good old days of when everything once seemed perfect and the melody carries our emotions on a spiritual journey of realization and understanding.


Survival of the PLURest

What got me hooked on anthropology was the idea that humans are basically animals.  We are given life, taken care of by our guardians, grow, adapt to our surroundings, reproduce, and eventually leave this world just like any other species in the animal kingdom. Simple right? What sets us apart from other animals is that humans have the ability to reason and form complex thoughts.