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I would hope by now that all of my readers know how much I love raving and the community that we all belong to, but my journey to reach this point was definitely ugly. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast when I first started out raving but it was all blurry in a bad way. As beautiful as it may have seemed to me at the time, it was also a very dark period in my life. So lets start from the beginning…



Recently, an article popped up on my newsfeed and though it’s from Cosmo, a site I don’t frequent, the headline piqued my interest. Danielle Tullo, an editorial assistant at Cosmo, mustered up some confidence, rocked a gorgeous sheer one piece from Mimimale Animale, and relayed her experience to the world. When I first saw “I Wore a Fishnet Bathing Suit in Public and Got Shamed for It All Day,” I thought the suit had to be quite scandalous to evoke such a reaction in this modern era.


How My Rave Family Changed My Life

Everyday I wake up at 6:15am and leave for work by 6:50. Then I come back home by 7:45pm (7pm if I’m lucky) to pack my lunch and clothes for the next day, talk to my boyfriend for an hour on the phone, and go to bed by 11pm. Next day, repeat. So you can imagine that on my mom’s birthday I forgot to pick up the cake after a long day with no breaks. I came home to my dad cussing me out in front of my mom and sister, saying that he doesn’t care that I’m working, that I should take my time reading my texts, and that I’m a stupid little…cue the list of angry names he continues to call me while he storms angrily away into his room.