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above and beyond

All The Feels At Above & Beyond Group Therapy 250

Ever since Trance Around The World and now Group Therapy, I had always dreamed of attending one of Above & Beyond’s iconic shows. From New York, Australia, and Amsterdam, I followed news of each upcoming show, hoping for a destination near me. So when the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington was announced, I was ecstatic for the chance to see ABGT and check off the Gorge on my list of venues I’ve been dying to explore. Once tickets came out, I secured a hotel package, flights, outfits, and a solid group (aka my rave family) and I was off to the Gorge!



Meet my little brother, Phil. He’s 16 months younger than me, almost a foot taller than me, and I believe his spirit animal is a puppy. He’s one of the easiest people to get along with, he always turns up his music way too loud and he loves EDM. But he hasn’t always been this way. He used to be a metal head, who turned up his music too loud and did not like EDM at all.


I Pushed The Button!

I fell in love with Above & Beyond in the summer of 2007. The moment I heard “Satellite” their music gripped my heart like no other sounds could. I followed them to many concerts, festivals and clubs in the years to come (18 total to be exact) including the legendary TATW 350 at the Palladium in Los Angeles.