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Reliving the Horizon Tour

Reliving the Horizon Tour

Lately, my days have been waking up at 6am for work, going back home at 4pm, doing homework that rest of the day, and working on supervision hours. Along with my daily schedule, I haven't been going to as many events lately because I needed something different; I was seeing the same people at every event, stuck inside a confined space with no place to freely dance with my whip, and just tired from my responsibilities. Bay area rave fam, don't get me wrong, I love you guys but a part of why I love raving is because I love meeting new people at each event and I wasn't getting that anymore. Wanting to escape reality and forget the monotony of real life, my boyfriend and I traveled to San Luis Obispo to reunite with our SoCal rave family for the Horizon Tour with Kill Paris, Kill the Noise, Tritonal, and Seven Lions.


When the Horizon Tour was first announced, I was so excited by the choice in artists. There was so much variety whether you wanted the feels from Seven Lions, head bang with Kill the Noise, or dance like crazy with Tritonal. I was immediately sold when they announced Kill Paris would be joining the tour, making it one of the most solid lineups I've seen for a tour. Located at Avila Beach, we got a beautiful sunset opening set from Kill Paris with the water sparkling in the background. Kill Paris set the mood for the night with some laid back beats and melodies, but he also threw down some bass for the bassheads in the crowd. I’ve only seen him once before, but Kill Paris killed his set that night! Up next, Kill the Noise.

PC: Joey Vitalari & Baylee CocagnePhoto Credit: PC: Joey Vitalari & Baylee Cocagne

I had never see Kill the Noise before but have always loved his music, so it was a treat hearing a live set. I'm not a regular attendee of bass shows, but seeing everyone headbanging together to the dirty beats was insane! Once the night was warmed up by Kill Paris and Kill the Noise, Tritonal brought out their latest songs and had the crowd sing along to ‘Good Thing’ and ‘Wild Kind’. I haven't seen Tritonal in a while, but I was extremely excited for the man of the hour, Seven Lions! Mixing in the feels with plenty of hard bass to headbang to, there was an insane vibe that radiated through the crowd. It was amazing how Seven Lions could have people hugging one another at one moment, to dancing like crazy with the mix of psytrance, trance, and dubstep. Of course he played some crowd favorite like ‘Falling Away’, ‘Worlds Apart’ and his latest single with Kill the Noise ‘Cold Hearted’, but he even threw down some unreleased tracks! Can’t wait to get those ID’s released soon!


As for the crowd, I had a blast meeting so many new people! Dancing with a fiber optic whip, I definitely got a lot of requests for light shows and even met a follower! There were nothing but great vibes throughout the night, with the exception of one person that kept trying to take my fiberflies at one point. Shoutout to Aqeel for helping me out!  I was also shocked to realize that there were so many other light toy artists such as hoops, wands, fellow whippers, and I even befriended a guy named Sean that had a staff I’ve never seen before! Our little light community just bonded with one another so quickly and I’ve never felt more accepted in my life. Being out on the beach at San Luis Obispo felt so fresh and alive, I forgot what it felt like to truly enjoy an event. I’ve been lucky that these past two events have been unforgettable, so I can’t wait to see what the next event has in store for me!

Stephanie Q,

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