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As someone who raves with their brother I’m all too familiar with the saying that, family that raves together stays together. But what if that family member were a whole generation older? What if they were two generations older? Would you be down to party with Grandma?

Well, I met Earl not too long ago during a friend’s going away party.  I heard he went to EDC this year and asked about his experience. He only had positive things to say about his time under the electric sky. He showed me a collage of pictures from the event and to my surprise there was a picture of him with his grandma. She was decked out in rave gear sporting a pink corset and feather boa. I was blown away! I had to know more. So I set up an interview with Earl and his Grandma. Check it out.

Earl’s Story

When did you start raving and how did your love for raving and EDM come about?

I started raving in 2007 with my friends from school, who later turned into my rave fam. I started attending different undergrounds raves and warehouses until my first massive at Monster Massive 07. After that night, the scene just stole my heart 🙂

Have you ever considered raving with family before?

I’ve always been interested in raving with family. I’ve always felt that our scene was much more than a party scene. I mean we have rave families within the scene, why not add on to those families with your own blood relatives.

What was your relationship with your grandma like before raving? Were you two close?

We have actually always been pretty close growing up. My grandma was always into music, all sorts of different kinds of genres. She used to take me to her gigs when she would perform in different bands, and other functions.

Were you hesitant to bring her to her first rave? How did you feel about it after? What was the highlight of it all for you?

Surprisingly, I wasn’t very hesitant. She was supposed to make it to EDC 2010 with me, but she could not make it. So, I decided to bring her to Nocturnal Wonderland later on that year. I remember it almost perfectly. We spent about a month getting outfits ready for her, and we ended up changing them literally the night before. We even made her bootleg versions of fluffies… We also had about 3-4 fat kandi seshs. After the event I felt rather happy, my grandma was so grateful that we brought her, and she loved every second of it. She could not stop talking about how friendly and welcoming everyone was.

What did your friends think of her?  

My friends loved her right off the bat. She has great energy and she is a pretty awesome person! She’s not judgmental nor closed minded at all, and she radiates positivity. Almost anyone who has met her would tell you the same!

Do you have any advice for other ravers considering bringing an aunt, uncle, parent, or grandparent to a rave?

Hmmmmm… I think that they should talk to them about it. The beautiful thing about raves and EDM Festivals are that they pretty much have something for everyone. If your family member feels a little hesitant just explain to them what the event means to you and that they should at least experience it one time in their life time. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Just want to thank you guys for considering us for this interview 🙂 and to all the ravers out there… Please, be sure to stay PLUR. The reason these events stay so special is because we as a scene have been great at keeping the PEACE, spreading LOVE,  showing UNITY with our community, and always showing RESPECT. Please keep the PLUR and good vibes, and don’t lose them 🙂

Grandma Dori’s Story:

Had you heard of raving before Earl told you about it? 

No. I had never heard of a rave in my life. 

When you were younger did you attend music festivals and if so how do they compare?

Yes, I went to a few concerts…Pop, rock n roll, R&B, etc. They were totally different, they only had one stage. The people I meet at raves are much friendlier, and a lot more accepting. At the concerts, no one really acknowledges each other.

What were your expectations going into it and how did they differ from your actual experience?

I really had no expectations, I didn’t really know what to expect. My actual experience  was incredible, each time I go to a rave they get more dynamic and exciting. 

What part did you like the least and what part did you like the most?

The thing that I like the least is standing in long lines for water. The things I like the most are the visuals, I love the different lasers, spot lights, strobes, and how the sounds match with the visuals… I also enjoy going to larger festivals because you can hear the different genres of EDM mixing together in unity as you move to each stage… and the feeling you get once you visit each individual stage is incredible.  

PLUR is a big part of our culture; did you get to experience it first hand? How did people react to you being there?

Yes!!!!!! I love the warmth, and friendliness of the people at these events. I remember being greeted by nothing but but smiling faces and amazing vibes entering my first rave, which was Nocturnal 2010. No one could believe that I was a grandma, and they offered me so much kandi.

Do you have a rave name?

Yes, it’s Dori, which my grandson named me. I love following shinny things, and getting lost in the experience. I also have a very positive out look on life… “Just keep swimming.”

What’s your favorite genre of EDM?

HARDSTYLE!!! I love hardstlye because the energy and the beats reminds me of Polynesian/Tribal kind of vibe.

What do you think of the rave fashion? Do you dress up? 

I love the freedom of expression in the rave fashion. Yes! that’s another part of the experience that I enjoy very much. 

Are there any festivals you plan on going to in the future? Which ones would you like to attend?

The next one will be Hardstyle Arena: The Second Coming. I’m not sure what’s after that, but I will make it to EDC 2016 for sure! I would like to tour the world as well to check out the different festivals they have going on in other countries.

Do you have any advice for an aunt, a parent, or grandparent who wants to attend a rave?

Keep an open mind, ear plugs to protect your ears, make sure to get you get lots of rest, stay in shape… And make sure to go with a loved one that wants to go with you. You will not regret it!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I think that more adults should try being more open to exploring the world of EDM. The scene bridges and connects you with the youth and our future. It’s mind blowing to see the magnitude of artistry in the production of art and music in these events.

Kelcey Rodriguez
Social Media Manager at iHeartRaves. My love for EDM is rooted deep in my veins. Never have I loved music and music culture so intensely. I'm here to share that passion and encourage others to never let it go.

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