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You would think that after your first rave every event after that will go smoothly, but there is no escaping some of the problems that are destined to happen. The thing with raver problems…IT JUST NEVER ENDS! After my last article ‘Raver Problems‘, there are actually way more problems that we all experience and are pretty common amongst us. Despite all of the tiny issues that arise before, during, and after an event, they all add to the experience and become memories for us to look back and laugh at: 

Trying to go to the bathroom with a bodysuit. It’s a huge pain if you’re wearing any hair accessories too, because then you can’t just pull the strap over your head. You have to untie everything…

Being the last one in the group getting ready. This is always my boyfriend and he feels the pressure of me rushing him.

Wanting to talk to someone, but you’re shy. But they have the coolest costume ever!

When you’re too messed up and can’t get out of the porta potty. When you’re drunk, motor movements get out of whack and lots of blurry vision. I haven’t had this problem since I don’t drink heavily, but I’ve seen plenty of people who do.

Having too many things on you. I usually only wear a small backpack or a fanny pack, but one time my boyfriend had to hand me our camelbak, his wings for his costume, and a spirithood before going to use the bathroom.

People asking you for drugs. Just because I’m wearing a lot of kandi doesn’t mean I’m a drug dealer.

People coming up to you to sell drugs. No thank you.

Forgetting your friend’s kandi. This has happened so many times where I’d make a friend kandi and I’d forget to wear/pack it for the next event I’d see them at.

Your phone dies at the beginning of the festival. Even worse, my phone had water damage the day before the first day of EDC 2014. Tip: stick it in rice for the night so you can use it the next day.

Losing anything at an event. It’s not fun when you find out that you can’t get into the event because your ID isn’t in your wallet or when you can’t buy anything when your credit cards decide to jump out of your pocket.

Being half naked in the cold at an event. I’ve learned my lesson now: either bring a bag big enough to carry a jacket with you or bring cash for coat check. So worth it.

Camping at an event and completely unprepared for the rain. For all of the TomorrowWorld folks out there, you know what I’m talking about. We were expecting rain, but not THAT MUCH RAIN! Everything in our tent was soaked and our friends had to resort to sleeping on trash bags because their sleeping bags were drenched.

Getting out of the shower and just getting wet again while walking in the rain to your campsite. It’s just like getting your car washed and it rains the next day. So much…fail.

Mud. Another TomorrowWorld reference. Pretty much saved our shoes for the festival and had to walk around the campgrounds barefoot.

The meet up spot ends up being THE PLACE to hangoutYou think you found a great meet up spot because it’s empty when you first get there, but a few minutes later the entire world is there.

When you feel overdressed at an event. I can’t tell you how many times I’m dressed in a costume and everyone else is just wearing black.

Asking someone if they want kandi and them assuming you’re giving them drugs. I just want you to have a pretty bracelet…

Winning a meet and greet and it turns out to be just a photoshoot. I won a meet and greet for Steve Aoki at Electric Bounce House in San Jose, but was only allowed to take ONE photo with their professional camera (not even allowed to retake one that is messed up), can’t take any on your phone, and we weren’t given any time to have a 30 second conversation.

When event tickets are released, but you’re broke. Too many event tickets are released at the same time sometimes 🙁

Even with all of these random mishaps I’m sure you’ve all still had a blast 🙂 It’s all about the journey, not the destination

Stephanie Quiambao
Living life like a breeze in the Bay Area, sharing the love to my fellow ravers

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