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There is something special happening in this generation. This is the first generation to really show acceptance towards everyone regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. It may seem strange when you first think about it, but we really are the first generation to grow up more conscious and proactive about acceptance and unity. It is this generation that elected the first African American into presidency, rallied against body shaming, brought awareness to misuse of the word “retarded”, and pushed for marriage equality.

EDM and the community built around it has had a hand in this movement and the growing community will play a key part in spreading more positivity around the world. While millennials have made great strides in creating a more accepting world, the work is only half done. We are a generation that is more conscious of civil rights and more open minded about equality, yet we still fail to include individuals who may just be a little quirky. It’s funny how accepting we are of people regardless of race now, how we are aware of the fact we shouldn’t make fun of people with mental illnesses, yet we still ostracize the average weird kid. There’s a lot of quirky people out there and this is where the rave community shines. 

The rave community is where kids who felt they didn’t quite belong found refuge. Here in this beautiful community, they found friends, love, and acceptance. Where the rest of society is still lacking, this community has already begun its work. This is what I love most about being a part of the rave community. We are a diverse community that accepts everybody from all walks of life and I love how there is more positivity with each passing year. 

Everything from the growing popularity of music festivals like Woogie Weekend and Lightning in a Bottle that focus on music as well as positivity, acceptance, and personal growth to people like Lady Casa, who is a spiritual leader to many and lifts others up with her positive energy, show us how beautiful this movement really is. Because of all the positivity emanated from people within the community, as a part of the community we are able to translate those good vibes into our lives on and off the dance floor.

It’s amazing to see leaders and influential figures in this community speak up about issues of acceptance and sharing their experiences. It’s not something that happens as often as it should, but in our community, it’s something that is prevalent at each show whether it’s because because of the artists who address it or the attendees who exemplify it. At Solaris, a New Year’s Eve show in Toronto, Skrillex had some food for thought for the next coming year. He made a speech addressing positivity and acceptance.

This music is for everybody – it’s for the outcasts, it’s for the cool people, it’s for the fat kids, it’s for the skinny kids, it’s for the gay kids, the straight kids. The aliens! The yellow people, the purple people, the black people, the white people, No matter who you are this is for you. If you see someone at your school, or at your work and they look left out man, all you gotta do, our New Years Resolution is hand a hand out, in 2015 and say ‘Hey, it’s alright. I know who it is.’ Make some noise for love in 2015.” – Skrillex

Living this lifestyle, while it may seem like a negative thing to many given the stigma, is actually a positive thing! It teaches us to accept others, it helps us deal with stress, it helps us create bonds and opens our eyes to new ideas and opportunities.  I think the reason so many people get hooked on this lifestyle is because it’s more than just music, it’s about the full experience. You are totally accepted for who you are, you’re able to let go of everything bringing you down, and experience your ultimate happiness. The reason it helps me in my everyday life is because I’m able to keep that positivity with me and apply it to everything I do. I always remember to let this lifestyle be my therapy! You have to let your guard down and let this beautiful community and lifestyle lift you up when you are feeling down, let it amplify your happiness when you are feeling good, and  let this be your safe place where you can be the most pure, authentic version of yourself and get in touch with your spirituality.

Sharing this experience with others is even better! When you bring someone into the community and watch as they let loose and experience the euphoria and love, it’s truly the best feeling. As a community, we should aim to continue the work we’ve started. While we have seen many changes in the struggles of racism, negative body image, and civil rights, we still have a long way to go before we are the accepting community we want to be and the rave community will definitely play a large role in that by continually promoting and practicing peace, love, unity, and respect in our everyday lives and sharing this culture with those around us. Let this lifestyle help you get in touch with your spiritual side, spread your good energy to others, and let it be contagious!

Danielle Guillory
A free spirited, loving raver living a very PLUR lifestyle :)

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