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“Positive Vibes” It’s a term that’s touted amongst the dance community even as people push to get the front of the stage, ignore friends text messages, or flake on an event. I was beginning to think the phrase was becoming somewhat of a misnomer until I met Brittney: a body acceptance vlogger and Instagram fashion aficionado. There is no better or more succinct way to describe the day I spent with Brittney other than to say she was full of “Positive Vibes”. Simply being around her is an intoxicating experience that left me feeling better about myself than I have in a long time.

image via xBrittney89

I met up with Brittney to talk about the two things that I love the most: raving and fashion.  First we bonded over stories of our first rave experiences and Brittney described to be her first rave: Tramp’s Like Us in San Diego “I remember being so incredibly nervous that night of, having no idea what to expect.  I almost chickened out — and thinking about the idea of if I hadn’t gone gives me chills because raving his since become such a huge part of my life and self-finding.  I wouldn’t be who I am today had I not started raving. I remember being at the rave and seeing people dressed in outfits of all types, costumes, lingerie, barely anything, to normal clothes.  And everybody was accepted.  And dancing.  And smiling at one another.  And spreading this positive energy that cannot be accurately described unless experienced itself.  I became high off the crowd and the music and the lights.  It was an addictive sensation that made my heart feel like it was dancing … and that it was free. It (raving) gave me this understanding of myself that I had been missing and actively looking for.  And now when I go to raves … I feel like I’m home. “

What I’ve noticed the most since I started raving was the total acceptance I have received from both friends and complete strangers. It’s cause me to question myself about why I I have been so shy and made me realize that a lot of the things I worry about are just me limiting myself and has nothing to do with other people. Brittney also had similar revelations “After my first rave, I began doing things I hadn’t had the drive to do beforehand. I realized the only way to figure out who I am was to take chances and try new things.  Because I may fall in love with something else that I never knew I loved, just like I did with raving.”

image via xBrittney89

Even though raving has been a positive driving force in both our lives Brittney had another motivation that drove her to not only begin accepting herself but helping other’s do the same. “My grandfather, who raised me and who I always referred to as Dad, passed away in May of 2015. His death was the match needed to light the fire underneath me, and I realized that I was wasting my own precious time not pursuing the things that I was passionate about.  One being my YouTube channel.  I had been making videos for a few years but was having trouble finding my niche on there. I soon after launched a Bikini LookBook that not only pushed me outside of my comfort zone of content I usually posted on my YouTube channel, but also gave me courage. I began focusing on YouTube and realized that my viewers loved that I pushed the boundary and wore whatever the heck I wanted to all while being fat!  I soon knew that my purpose on YouTube was to show that you can be any body size and be confident, successful, and happy.  That purpose leaked onto my Instagram and I began actively posting updates in regards to body positivity and self-confidence because the response from my viewers was incredible.” 


I used my interview with the vlogger and instagram plus sized acceptance activist as an excuse to have a completey girly day and experiment with different styles to wear to raves. It was a lot of fun even if selection was minimal. The difficulty in finding cute rave fashion in our sizes was something we bonded over. “Sometimes I take inspiration from outfits I see on Instagram or at different events.  The problem is that there isn’t as many cute rave-designed outfits. There were these incredibly inspirational and amazing holographic shorts that I was able to wear at Nocturnal Wonderland 2015.  I paired it with a bandeau.  I have never exposed that much of my booty out in public before.  I definitely got some stares, and I even heard some negative comments in passing.  But I have learned that everybody has an opinion no matter who you are or what you look like.  And I know that me being who I am unapologetically is more inspirational and moving to other people than any insecurities that  could try to plague me.  I remind myself to always keep my head high and to be proud of every step I take in any aspect of life.  I remind myself I am worthy.  And I remind myself to be proud that I’m pushing the boundary — and that the teenage Brittney would admire who I am today.”

image via xBrittney89

To see more from this fashion expert and body acceptance video vlogger you can check her out on her Instagram: @xBrittney89 or YouTube: xBrittney89

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