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Hands making Love sign by Insomniac Events
Photo Credit: Insomniac Events

PLUR Is A Lifestyle

Rave culture is such a beautiful thing.  At raves or festivals, we meet individuals from all walks of life.  Ravers know the meaning of PLUR: peace, love, unity, and respect.  Many people who don’t rave don’t understand rave culture or what PLUR means.  A true raver knows that PLUR can be practiced anytime or anywhere, not just at a rave.  It’s more than just what the words mean; it’s a way of life.  Here are a few ways we can all practice PLUR in our daily lives.

Spread love and be kind to everyone.

I know this may sound cliché, but kindness goes a long way.  Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.  You have no idea what that person might be going through in their personal life.  Sometimes even the happiest of people have gone through some of the toughest times.  Instead of giving in to negative vibes show them love.  Any act of kindness can definitely change a person’s attitude.  You never know, your kindness may have helped them in so many ways imaginable.  I hope that by being kind to others I can empower them to do the same.

positive meme

Photo credit: @infinitewaters Instagram

Live life free of judgment.

The meaning of life is different for everyone.  We are all on our own path to greatness and are able to choose how we will get there.  It is not our place to judge others for their life choices, beliefs, etc.  Life is too short, so enjoy it while you’re still able to.  Do what you love and don’t worry about what others think!  If it brings you happiness, that’s all that matters right?  I’ve done a lot of soul searching and learned that everyone has his or her own story to tell.  Why judge a book by its cover?


Be respectful to others.

We may not all see eye to eye, but that’s what makes us all unique individuals.  We are all taught by our parents from a young age to have respect for one another.  Even as we grow older, this still applies.  Don’t be rude to others or respond to nasty comments on the Internet; you’re just going to feed into the fire.  Sometimes it’s better to say nothing than to say anything at all.  Yes, we all have different opinions, but does that mean that you should act disrespectfully because you don’t agree with their viewpoints? 

be a spiritual badass meme

Photo credit: @spiritualthoughts Instagram

Encourage and empower.

It’s important to encourage others whether it’s our loved ones, coworkers, or even a stranger. Because life can sometimes be a crazy journey, empowering even a stranger can help them feel important and that they too can accomplish anything they set their mind to. Being positive in that way will help build confidence, love, and so much more in a person.  This world can be a dark place, but the more we uplift one another the less it seems that way.

Photo credit: @thegoodquote Instagram

Be your authentic self.

We live in a day and age where most of our generation seeks instant gratification.  Oftentimes, this takes away from our authenticity.  Of course, we are always growing and evolving, but you’ll always stay true to your roots.  Social media is such a powerful tool, but not always used in the best sense.  Use your platform to shine a light on difficult topics, share your story, educate others, etc.  It may feel scary to share your deepest thoughts, believe me, I understand this feeling all too well.  Believe it or not, you are not alone and not the only person in this world, even if at times it may feel that way.

Just remember, life is too short to not love life and spread positivity.  Be a light in this world, so you too can make a difference.  


Nicole Timpone
Kandi kid for life! Spread love and good vibes to all. Get groovy with me at the next festival.

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