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Outfit Inspo To Help You Slay Every Theme at Groove Cruise LA 2017

Outfit Inspo To Help You Slay Every Theme at Groove Cruise LA 2017

Sailing October 6 - 9 2017 with a Pre-Cruise takeover on the Queen Mary and a Private cliff-top estate party in Mexico; the LA edition of Groove Cruise is almost here and if you are anything like me you haven’t even thought about packing yet. (But if you are really like me you have spent many a night pouring a glass of wine, watching 90’s sitcoms, and thinking about how you should really be more organized with your rave related outfit planning!)  With Groove Cruise looming around the corner I put together some picks for each theme from some of the amazing collections at iHeartRaves.

Just remember every theme or costume should always be fun and something you want to wear. No matter how literal or loosely interpretive you are for the themes (or if you just choose to skip them all together and wear the outfit you’ve been wanting to wear but haven’t had the courage)  From the second you get on board on the ship to the moment you crawl  off after a weekend of 24/7 music and frivolities…  you’re will be completely immersed in the atmosphere of Groove Cruise family: where anything is accepted and celebrated. Groove Cruise is the festival where everyone from the first time Cruiser, the Groove Cruise vet, and even the DJ’s come together to dance their way into growing bonds of friendship. It’s no surprise with those vibes a party that started in 2004 with a group of 125 friends has grown into the world's largest floating dance music festival. With music playing from sunrise to sundown, and a free 24/7 buffet there’s no better festival to relax, party, devote some time to self-care and set yourself free for a weekend.

Thursday Night Pre-Party: The Roarin' 20's

The Roarin' 20's was all about that FRINGE! Here's a modern, rave take on the fierce fringe from the Golden Era featuring our Beaded Fringe Skirt and Libra Bodysuit. 


Friday Day: Identity

This is the essentially the outfit you will be boarding in. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in while waiting to board for the adventure of a lifetime. Your outfit should represent who you are and where you come from. Whether that’s a school jersey, a state flag, or a full on an authentic costume that show’s your family history and nationality! Groove Cruise is a diverse and welcoming festival and it’s amazing to see a little bit about who everyone is right as you get on board and get to know your future Groove Cruise Fam!

 Friday Night: Pimps & Hoes

 This is a theme you can definitely have fun with so bring on the fur and all your sexiest outfits! We think our Hollywood Faux Fur Jacket and J.Valentine Light Up Fur Duster are absolutely perfect for all the pimps. For all the rave babes who plan to get sexy with this theme, any of our sheer bodysuits and mesh tops will work! Finish the look with some stylish heels and a bit of glitter for the full effect!

Saturday Day: I <3 Uniforms

Who do you wanna be today? Time to bust out your old Halloween costumes and be a sexy version of whatever uniformed serviceman or woman you please. Or you can rep your favorite teams or country too! Here's a simple look featuring our Stay Inspired Dad Hat, Striped Athletic Thigh Highs, and Team USA Tee!


Saturday Night: EDM & Hip Hop

Mix EDM style with hip-hop flair in this fun outfit featuring raved out sneakers by YRU and a our Fishnet Sport Hoodie Crop Top and Sport Shorts.

Sunday Day: Groove Cruise Derby

Slay Derby Day with some thigh highs and Kaleidoscope Goggles to finish our Azure Oasis Outfit!

Sunday Night: ABC (Anything But Clothes)

Just about anything goes for ABC. For this theme you can get as creative as you'd like! You're allowed to wear literally anything, except regular clothes. Have fun with it, bring out your pasties, make a newspaper outfit, or repurpose a tapestry or flag into your outfit!


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