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New Year’s Eve offered a never ending supply of amazing shows and raves to pick from. Whether you enjoyed Claude VonStroke and the Real Green Velvet at their Get Real show at Factory 93 or went full out (or won our contest tickets) and attended Insomniac’s Countdown, it was a night to remember. As for me I put my faith in the techno gods and went for the underground house techno specialists: Minimal Effort: NYE

When it comes to NYE shows this wasn’t Minimal’s first rodeo however it was only their second festival following the highly successful event this year on Halloween and wasn’t without a few hiccups. One thing that Minimal has gotten down to a T over the past 3 years curating incredible lineups filled with the best underground international House and Techno artists. The highlights of this year’s lineup for me was one of my favorites and co-founder of Space Yacht: LondonBridge. Seeing him on the lineup was so exciting because he was the first DJ I interviewed at a New Years Eve festival last year so it was a very proud moment for me as a fan of his music and I was equally excited to see that Space Yacht has grown so much in the last year to have their own stage at a festival. Also joining him was one of the best vocalists in the business: Kaleena Zanders; and it made for an amazing set. The Desert Hearts crew was constantly killing it in the basement, and I haven’t had more fun ringing in the new years than I had shaking my booty (as much as I could with how little room I had) and hugging my friends during the live Audion set. I’m pretty well known for always leaving shows a little early but this is the first time I have stayed at a venue until closing and that is 100% due to the amazing set that was given on the Space Yacht stage by Sacha Robotti.

One thing that I can’t help but point out though was due to last minute location changes: the venue was not the best. In fact, it was downright uncomfortably crowded and I often found myself missing sets I wanted to see to escape outside to get fresh air in the smoker’s section which was super crowded towards the front but always had plenty of space towards the back. I’m only 5′ tall so I’m used to being pushed around a bit at festivals and shows because people see the air above me and assume there’s more room than there is, but Minimal Effort NYE was a whole other level especially during the New Years Countdown. It was so crowded I had no idea where to put my hands because at my height it seemed like no matter where they were I was accidentally touching somebody’s booty! Also only have one bathroom was an issue especially later in the evening. Throughout the night I occasionally thought about braving the line but as soon as I saw it going up the stairs decided it wasn’t worth it. In response to people’s complaints about the capacity issue Minimal Effort released this statement via their Facebook page:

“We want to thank everyone who joined us last night at Minimal Effort: NYE . Your support and attendance made for a truly amazing and memorable night. Performances by our artists were on another level and were thoroughly enjoyed.

We also want to take a moment to address feedback we are fielding in regards to last nights venue and capacity. In organizing this event we were met with some unforeseen circumstances that resulted in the recent change in venue. This left us with a smaller capacity than initially planned and the risk of having to cancel some acts to accommodate. Minimal Effort is a brand that prides itself on carefully curated music experiences. We made the choice to fill the venue to capacity rather than cannibalize the lineup and upset any of our supporters or artist’s fans. In doing so we realized in the moment that the venue was not appropriately tooled to handle their stated capacity. We apologize for this oversight and will see that this is not a situation we put our supporters into going forward.”

Personally, while I felt uncomfortable at times throughout the night it wasn’t much different from being at a Los Angeles nightclub on a night with a popular DJ and I never felt unsafe or in danger even though that has been a common statement from others and I can see where they are coming from. I completely understand how difficult finding a last minute venue for NYE had to have been so I am willing to overlook the capacity issue as I had an amazing time and wouldn’t have wanted to ring in my new year any other way than with my friends and favorite DJs. Hopefully, this is a one-off for Minimal Efforts caused by unforeseen circumstances and a last minute venue change because even with the crowds it was a magical night and I can’t wait to see what Minimal Efforts comes up with next for us underground techno fans!

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