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This past weekend, over 66,000 ravers traveled back to the Renaissance Era for Insomniac’s inaugural Middlelands Festival. Middlelands was held at Texas Renaissance Festival grounds, the perfect setting for this themed event. It was a weekend filled with music and debauchery in Todd Mission, Texas and it was definitely a huge success. From start to finish, the festival experience was pure magic.

As soon as we arrived at the campgrounds, we were greeted by friendly staff members who did a quick search of our car and happily directed us to the right place. We got there early Thursday evening and were able to quickly set up camp before heading to the pre-party at the campgrounds. Camping at Middlelands was actually quite nice. The weather was perfect, and where we camped, the trees provided ample shade. 

Insomniac always blows us away with production, and they did it again with Middlelands. Like I said, the venue was the perfect setting for this event and Insomniac knows how to use the space well. I never felt like the festival was disorganized at all. In fact, I felt like I really was in a rave fantasy land! There were so many activities both at the campgrounds and inside the festival. There was an archery tag game, jousting area, hookah lounge, and even a “shoppe” where you could get your hair braided. And the best part was that I never felt like I had to wait in any ridiculous lines ever!

Having fun dancing with our Magnificent Rave Capes!

There were 5 stages, each with their own vibe. Even the smaller stages were still interesting to look at. My favorite was definitely Middlelands Arena! The festival theme was incorporated in everything. When we walked through the entrance on Saturday, there were wenches who made us go under their skirts to get into the event. The performers are always a fun part of the festival experience, and the Middlelands performers were having a blast. Insomniac’s attention to detail is impeccable. From the performers to the minute details of production, they made sure the experience was fully immersive. There were even signs with modern pop culture quotes translated to old English dotted festival grounds and though they were small, they were really hilarious. My favorite was definitely “Naysayers gonna nay”.

Texas Ren Festival venue was the perfect setting for Middlelands!

Insomniac always kills production, and they also killed the lineup for their first year. Kristian Nairn aka Hodor played a set at the main stage Sunday afternoon and he was so good! I didn’t know what to expect when I went to see him, all I knew was that you had to go see Hodor at Middlelands. I was very happy I made that decision, cause who knew Hodor would play such a dope set? Aside from Kristian, GRiZ, J.Phlip, Black Gummy, and Gryffin were some of my favorites. I only caught a few minutes of Ardalan, but from what I saw he killed it too. Slander, Space Jesus, Zhu, Ephwurd, and Bassnectar were great too! All in all, everyone we saw played a great set and the lineup had us running from stage to stage all weekend long!

iHeartRaves team and the Middlelands Unicorns!

Not only was the venue, lineup and production top notch, the people of Middlelands were simply amazing. All of our campsite neighbors were incredibly friendly. Our car battery died twice, and both times neighbors were happy to help! People would drop by our campsite just to say hi or spread some good vibes. We met a lot of amazing people and made so many new friends. We’ll cherish these memories forever and cannot wait to be back at Middlelands in 2018!

Angela Le
Associate Brand Manager of & Editor in Chief of Studio 240. If you're interested in writing for Studio 240 shoot me an email at!

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