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Insomniac Founder Pasquale Rotella Did A Reddit AMA Live

Insomniac Founder Pasquale Rotella Did A Reddit AMA Live

Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella did a Reddit AMA Live to answer questions on EDC 2018 and here are all the questions and answers he responded to.

The live AMA took place Sept. 27 at 3pm PST. Lots of questions came up, but only a few were answered. Since some of them offer us new insights into EDC 2018, I’ve compiled them all for us! Check it out below and read theReddit thread here. Some of the questions got off the topic of EDC 2018, so I’ve reorganized them to be at the bottom.

Q: jtet93:Can we have details about how the shuttle experience will be improved? I can't really express how bad my experience was last year, and I was personally really frustrated that it was so challenging after the cancellation of third-party shuttles. I swore I wouldn't come back to EDC unless the transportation improved. I know you're handing off the planning to an outside company but any details you can provide on how their plan will make a real difference to the shuttle experience would be awesome.

I'm also wondering if there will be reentry for campers? And how the issue of sunlight will be dealt with in the "turnkey" tents - will there be any effort to create shade or darkness in the camping areas?

Thanks, Pasquale! I will say that once I'm inside EDC it's definitely one of my favorite places ever and I love attending. I would love to see the logistics improve and come back year after year

A: PasqualeRotella:We have confirmed the third party company we will be using for shuttles and they provide transportation for the largest live events in the world. I am excited about collaborating with them to make it the best it’s ever been. Also, great camping question! The tents we are setting up will provide protection from sunlight. There are also multiple shade areas for not only activities around the campgrounds, but also at the center camp, which is called The Mesa. We’ll have more details about this when we announce camping soon!


Q: Shannonraczka:Can we get a ballpark range for camping passes? Also, will they be available on a payment plan as well? Lastly, can we get an estimated time that they will go on sale? Thank you!!

A: PasqualeRotella: It will be between $250-$275 to bring in your RV, and we’ll have hook-ups available for an additional fee. As far as campers, there will be several different packages available. It depends on how many people you’re with and what packages you choose, but you’ll be able to get something between $450 to $2,500 for 4 days of camping. This will all be laid out clearly before we go on sale with camping options.


Q: RaveMeSilly: With camping being added and festival hours being extended, are there plans to change the re-entry policy?

I'd love to party from 3pm to 6am, but it would be clutch to be able to hit up the campgrounds for a bit in between to relax and recoup.

A: PasqualeRotella: Yes, during festival hours you can come in and out of the show as long as you have a camping wristband [additional response on the same post] We will have in's and out's at the festival for campers, but non-campers will not be able to enter the campgrounds.


Q: TheHans215: How likely would it be to get a small stage, maybe even sponsored by like 7-Up again, inside of the huge shuttle tent outside the speedway? Waiting in the early hours of the morning would be way better with some chill music to groove to.

Even better, have campers host the stage like a "sound camp" type thing. Doesn't have to be crazy lights or effects, just some sound to keep peoples moods high.

A: PasqualeRotella:We're capable of building that, no problem. No plans for that right now but I like the idea. Thanks for the suggestion! That said, we do not plan on having a long wait at shuttles with our new provider.

Pasquale Rotella posing at Disneyland

Q: ekapote: Hi Pasquale!

I have a question regarding security on shuttle waiting lines. Last year a huge cause of frustration, along with long waiting times, was due to large groups of people jumping the fence dividers and cutting lines leaving the festival.

Does the new company plan on upping the amount of security monitoring these lines? There was no way cops on the outskirts could see what was happening inside the tents based on the layout. My group witnessed several fights break out, and we were concerned for the safety of everyone involved.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions! Can’t wait for 2018.

A: PasqualeRotella: The answer to that question is yes. Shuttle operations are gonna be completely different next year.


Q: juanmiindset:I'm a Cast Member at Disneyland and I've seen you and Holly at the park often, how much inspiration from Disneyland goes into these festivals if any?

A: PasqualeRotella:I get inspiration from so many different places. Even going all the way back to the original LA warehouse underground scene. But yes, theme parks as well!


Q: DeClann: Will the live streaming experience be improved for 2018? Having a continuous stream for each stage would be much more appreciated than 10-20min sets from only a handful of DJ's. I can't wait to see what you have in store for EDC 2018!

A: PasqualeRotella:I've gotten mixed opinions from people for what they'd like to see on this. I do appreciate your input. We're capable of doing longer sets. Maybe I should get a vote on this from fans.


Q: brandejae:You advised that EDC 2018 will be getting longer hours, new shuttle service, camping and new stage designs. Does this include the neonGARDEN as well!? We've had the "TechnoTeepee" for going on three years now and it's definitely getting a bit stale. Personally, I really enjoyed 2013/14's designs with the larger structure and feel that Insomniac could take note from Awakenings & Time Warp for their new Factory93 experience. Techno has definitely been growing in the states and I feel like we are definitely past due for some upgrades! Thank you!

A: PasqualeRotella:Agree! We are working on new designs for next year's neonGARDEN.


Q: Rekari: Are there any plans to update QuantumValley stage? This year was great but could have been better with the addition of CO2. Also, it seemed like it was too small of a venue for some of the bigger acts like ATB and Gareth Emery where it was completely packed this year.

A: PasqualeRotella:Yes, I'm excited to say that it’s going to be a new open-air stage

.Pasquale Rotella showing off his stickers

Q: Ilovewingsnthings:Pasquale, I LOVE all the main stage designs, but can we please have more LED on the main stage? I really like Insomniac visuals, but the last 3 years they were obstructed. Kinetic Cathedral has been a perfect balance.

A: PasqualeRotella:We pretty much use all the LED in the United States for EDC Las Vegas every year so that might be difficult unless you own an LED company.


Q: Redrunk: Where exactly is the camping going to be on the speedway grounds?

A: PasqualeRotella:Surrounding properties outside the Speedway grounds.

Q: slombar:As a big trance and Dreamstate fan, I have to admit the QuantumValley experience just didn't compare to the old Megastructure of Circuit Grounds. Is there any plan to bring a megastructure stage back?

A: PasqualeRotella: There are no plans right now, but there's the possibility of bringing the megastructure back, just not for the circuitGROUNDS. It's not big enough to accommodate the people at that stage.

Q: xxalexmxx:Pasquale will you improve premier parking for EDC 2018? I spent $150 this year and left at 4 AM and no one in the lot could leave till 8 AM on Friday it was horrible. Everyone in GA left before us. The pass was for faster in and out, but we were the last ones to leave I've had premier for 3 years in a row. 2015-2016 was better so why change it? You've also moved it into a different bigger lot which makes me think it's more about the money now. Edit: Can you let us know if premier parking lot will be in the new 2017 lot again or will go back to the good lot they had in 2015-2016?

A: PasqualeRotella:The only way that we’ll have it as an option is if it is 110% improved.

Q: vanewho:Pasquale!

The announcements you made regarding the changes to EDC have definitely lived up to the hype and shows that you are actively trying to improve things for us. I've been attending EDC for 3 years now and this past year just felt.... off. It bummed me out a little but this gives me hope that 2018 will be great again.

Question #1: Are you going to continue this trend of booking artists that are not part of the EDM scene? (DJ Khaled, Metro Boomin, etc.)

Question #2: A lot of headliners complained about being ripped off by the water vendors and being denied ice in 100° weather. Are you aware of this at all?

A: PasqualeRotella:Thanks for supporting us for the past three years and reaching out to me today! For your first question, we'll always experiment with things out of the box. We are a dance music festival first and foremost, but we're gonna have fun sometimes, especially in Las Vegas, California. ;) As far as the water question, I never heard this before but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'll speak to the head of F&B at the Speedway. Good thing is the average temp in May is 64 at night. Thanks again. I'll get on this.

Pasquale Rotella resting in front of the main stage

Q: Bertillcious21:Hey Pasquale! Just a quick question... Will shuttle prices go up with this change? When will you announce shuttle stops? Can we expect to have the same ones as last year? We want to book our hotel ASAP.

A: PasqualeRotella:Not only are the prices not going up but shuttles will be immensely improved. All stops will be announced before the shuttles go on sale.

Q: kunfuz1on: Having a large quantity of DJ's at EDC is good for diversity but have you thought about lowering the amount of DJ's at the event in place of longer sets? It would be nice to see multiple DJ's play for 1.5 - 2 hours.

A: PasqualeRotella:We will have artists periodically play extended set times depending on the genre or stage they are playing at.

Q: nnicot: Hi Mr. Rotella, as an 'older' festival-goer it's been amazing watching the evolution of Insomniac festivals through the years. present-day EDC especially is mind-boggling with its production quality and lineups. My mind was completely blown this year watching Valentino Khan throw down his ridiculous set while all the fireworks were going off in our faces right behind the Basspod stage!

First question: after so many years of holding EDC in June, what was the final tipping point for you to move EDC to May?

Second question: moving forward, how much involvement do you think you will have with the HARD brand of events, and what is your vision for the Hard brand? The recently revealed Holy Ship lineups are absolutely insane and have definitely served to calm the fears of many of the die-hard Ship fans. Thank you and my crew and I are eager to see what Insomniac brings in the future!

A: PasqualeRotella:The biggest factor in our move to May was the cooler weather. It allows us to do camping, have extended hours, and the temperatures are way more comfortable for Headliners. It also takes if off of Father’s Day, which is great for me and all the other Dads. We’ve owned HARD for 4 years but haven’t operated it, with the exception of helping with HARD Summer at Glen Helen this past August. Moving forward we’ll continue with operations.

Q: IIcantstopwontstopII:Every year you manage to up the ante with production design, you see to have the perfect layout stage by stage at the speedway. Wil we ever see stages relocated? Or since the system is already in place, will things forever stay the same?

A: PasqualeRotella: We don’t have any plans to but if you think there’s a reason to, please let me know.

Q: mycleanaccount96:Why won't you release all DJ sets recorded at EDC?

A: PasqualeRotella:We leave that up to the artists to make that decision.

Pasquale Rotella posing with music festival security guards

Q: soondubu23:How safe is camping? Are personal items susceptible to stealing/looting while we're at the festival?

A: PasqualeRotella: If you're in an RV I suggest you lock it. If you're staying in a tent, we ask that you bring your own lock as the zippers will have luggage lock holes. Security will be roaming the grounds as well. [later to the same post] You'll be able to access your vehicle if you want to lock items in there too.

Q: A_burdenless_pig: Hi Pasquale! Just wondering what the timeline for camping? What date could people check in and what is the latest they could check out? Thanks

A: PasqualeRotella:Campers will definitely be able to check in on Thursday, but we're looking at the possibility of Wednesday. Checkout will be Monday around 7 pm.

Q: sheriffChocolate: So my question, like so many others, is related to EDC camping.

In the campground can we get above ground pools and have pool parties with DJs? Since we're so far away from the strip I feel like this would be a great way to supplement some EDC week pool parties and cool off!

A: PasqualeRotella:That is being explored and likely to happen. Plus a lot more activities will happen. I'm excited about it.

Q: alpatt: Pasquale, Will EDC LV be going "cashless" and make the attendees utilize wristbands for payments in 2018 similar to other music festivals?

A: PasqualeRotella:No plans for it right now but is that something you think we should do?

Q: Psirocking: Was EDC NY ended over low turnout, high cost, or a bit of both?

A: PasqualeRotella:The reason we no longer organize EDC New York is because we felt like we needed to find a better venue.

Q: shotnuke005: Where do you lean on the pineapple on the pizza argument?

A: PasqualeRotella:All toppings are welcome here :)

Q: Ilovewingsnthings: Pasquale, I've always wondered this, what happens to the main stages after you're done using them. Where is Kinetic Cathedral for example? Scrapped for parts?

I like to daydream that one day there will be an EDCLand full of all the mainstages

A: PasqualeRotella:I have some artifacts in my backyard, there are some in the Insomniac warehouse, and we are looking to make an Insomniac Production Museum.

Q: cu4tro:Do you have any updates on a location for Middlelands? Lots of Texans hope it doesn't leave this state. Being from Texas and going to EDC since 2014, it was amazing to be able to RV camp at an Insomniac festival so close to home. It was awesome running into you to personally thank you and welcome you back to TX since Nocturnal in Rockdale. Can't wait for RV camping at EDC!

A: PasqualeRotella:We are still searching for the right venue and the plan is to definitely bring it back but not before finding the right place. Glad we crossed paths!

Pasquale Rotella supervising blue prints for music festival

Q: throwaway3921218:What was the first festival you ever attended?

A: PasqualeRotella:Grateful Dead show in Southern California with Mama Irene.

Q: king_of_nogainz: Mr. Rotella, my question to you is, have you ever Kandiflipped?

A: PasqualeRotella: Yes but I’ve been sober for many years now

Q: wookin: Hey Pasquale, what's going on with the Mexico on sale? Do you have plans to donate to those affected by the earthquake?

A: PasqualeRotella:The on sale will be October 16/17 for EDC Mexico and will raise funds for those affected by the earthquake. The same goes for EDC Orlando for those affected by the hurricane. And it doesn’t stop there. All of our major festivals support communities in need.

Q: manny-rr:Hey what is your favorite non-Insomniac festival and why? If it is Burning Man, what's your second favorite?

A: PasqualeRotella: If you’re not letting me pick Burning Man, then I would say Boom Festival.

Q: aquino661:Would you ever consider throwing an EDC inspired cruise? #EDCCruise

A: PasqualeRotella:Yea an EDSEA has been considered many times. We will make it happen one of these days.

Q: ZerophoniK: Pasquale, do you play Fantasy Football? If so, who are your top players on your roster?

A: PasqualeRotella:I don't play Fantasy Football but I do play Galaga and Donkey Kong


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It was so cool to learn more about Pasquale and his plans for Insomniac events. Thanks for posting Alexa!

Ellen R

March 17, 2018

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