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What happens when you combine a beautiful Southern California venue, bumping house music, and good time lovers from all over the map? The Dirtybird Campout.

I had a solid list of festivals under my belt heading into this weekend, but nothing could have prepared me for the epic 3-day party that Dirtybird Records and The Do LaB put together. The air was buzzing with excitement as we entered Oak Canyon Park in scenic Silverado, CA on Friday night. Laughter, “Wooooo’s!”, and the faint bump of bass could already be heard as we drove into the camping area. There was no denying the good vibes already flowing through the campgrounds right off the bat, and this continued throughout the entire weekend. The festival itself is almost indescribable – just another one of those ‘you have to experience it to believe it’ kinda things. Think summer camp: for adults and 100x more fun. Oak Canyon is a gorgeous camping site that offers the perfect backdrop for a Dirtbirdy event. Extremely spacious, open fields of green grass, and the perfect little lake right in the middle of it all. With simple, yet adorable decorations such as string lights, hammocks, and wooden signs spread throughout the venue – the summer camp mood was set perfectly. If you’re looking for wild spectacle and out-of-this-world production, then the Dirtybird Campout is not for you. But what it lacked in LED and costumed performers, it made up for in good vibes, great people, and amazing music ten fold.

Certain moments will always come to mind when I close my eyes and think of Camp Dirtybird. Peaking through the intimate crowd of new friends on the warm Friday night, catching glimpses of Justin Jay’s ever growing fro of hair as he bounced along to his killer set. Walking through the beautiful campgrounds with the best camp squad (Camp Jackson!) and making new friends at every turn. It’s hard to believe a brand new festival could be full of such magic, but Dirtybird sure provided the perfect atmosphere for these amazing things to happen. Where else can you spend under $200 for 3 days of pure, unadulterated summer camp fun – all alongside your favorite musicians? I can’t even count the amount of times I saw the likes of Justin Jay, J.Phlip, and (the man himself!) Claude von Stroke playing camping games and taking pictures with fans all over the festival. What more could you ask for? How about round-the-clock music and summer camp activities for hours on end.

There was NEVER a dull moment at Camp Dirtybird. From the campsites to the front of the main stage – everyone was a part of the party. No time to chill or take a nap – too busy eating pizza with Justin Martin and winning tug-of-war with Claude! Not many EDM lovers can say they’ve done those things and I’m SO happy to be one of just the few thousand who can. Dirtybird should be extremely proud of this inaugural festival – it was the best party I’ve ever been to and I already can’t wait to head back to camp next year! No matter what you arrived as – festival junkie, camping lover, complete house head – by the end of this magical weekend…you are a Dirtybird for life.

One of my good friends really said it best on night two of Camp Dirtybird, “That moment when someone asks you how Dirtybird was and you think… was that just a dream?” -Jacob P.

Photo by Kristi Malone | 

Samantha Zaddack
I am a wanderer, passionately in love with life. Dancing, loving, and documenting it all along the way.

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