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A hot, hot Hard Summer Music Festival has come and gone! With lots of new tricks up their sleeve this year, HSMF stepped up its game in many ways. The venue was huge – at some moments cumbersome- taking place at the Auto Speedway in Fontana. The temps each day reached well into the 90s, and HardFest combatted this with cooling tents and other sprinkler systems for attendees to walk through to cool off. 

The styles that pervaded the festival were definitely serving a primary purpose: to keep cool. Even as the sun set in Fontana the heat remained, so you were planning for a long haul of a day of being hot-hot-hot. So let’s check out some of my favorite looks I caught this weekend!

 Pasties I saw some super cute pasties this weekend. Though I did see a mesh tops without pasties, the popular choice was to wear them layered under a mesh top. There were a few girls rocking the classic just out and about with pasties look, but far more were with the trend below.

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Twinning I love twining and planning outfits with one friend, or more! It’s so much fun to coordinate together! I saw a lot of cute twinning and squad outfits at Hard! 

Check out this Poke-quad! What a great group idea!

Fans were not only used for fashion at Hard, but for function. They’re the perfect accessory at a rave,and allow for a lot of style to be added to your look! 

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Eye C U Foiled Black Ombre Crop Top

DJ Wear There’s something always so fun to me about sporting your favorite DJ’s wear the day they’re playing. What’s so cool about it to me, and what you can see from this photo, is the different styles that each DJ creates fashion wise, which you would never really notice! But they each have their own look that matches the vibes of their respected favorites! 🙂

Color Wearing all the colors in various layers and in multiple ways is a really cool look! As you can see below, this can be done in many styles, you can totally make it your own!

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Tie Dye Velvet Hoodie Top

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J. Valentine Rainbow Halter Top

Colored Hair This is still a huge trend, and for the most part, I see that a lot of girls are adding hair pieces to make it happen rather than coloring their own hair. Braid in some color at your next festival for a try!

Electro High Waisted Booty Shorts

Classic The classic rave girl look is alive and strong! Mix and match your favorite pieces for a new look each time!

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Alexa S
Seeing live music has always been in my top 5 favorite things that I like to do. Ever since I turned 16 and could drive myself I’ve been attending as many live music events as I can. And I love all types of music, from classical piano to dubstep.

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