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Glitter Boobs Tutorial

Glitter Boobs Tutorial

I have always been jealous of girls that have the confidence to go to events with nothing but pasties to cover their ladies! It's always seemed like a simple outfit to me, but I would at least need one other accessory to make me feel more confident going out in just pasties. With Crush San Francisco, Southern California, Arizona, and Denver coming up for Valentine's day next month, I decided to try my hand to create my own outfit using only pasties and glitter to create heart glitter boobs. Inspired by The Gypsy Shrine and Lunautics, I wanted to make my glitter boobs look unique instead of adding a bunch of glitter on my chest.

From the iHeartRaves website, I used the following:

Lunautics Galactic Glitter Glue (White)

Lunautics Glitter:24Kayy,Pink Power Party, andAngel Aura

The Gypsy Shrine Iridescent Diamond Glitter

Lunautics Divine Spirit Body Jewel

Pastease Blushing Heart Pasties

Step 1: Put on pasties. Make sure that the area around your nipple is dry, you don't want to have a pasties flying off while headbanging! If you're not totally confident that your pasties will stay, bring another set. Better safe than sorry!

How to Apply Pasties

Step 2: Put on Lunautics body jewel.I would highly recommend putting on the Lunautics glitter glue on the back of the jewel and letting it dry for 30 seconds before placing it on the chest. This will help the body jewel stay in place the entire night!

How to Apply a Chest Jewel

Step 3: Use Lunautics glitter glue to draw out the heart around your boobs.Make sure that you spread out the glue only little at a time. If you draw out the whole heart, the parts without glitter will dry and you'll be stuck with dried out glue on your chest. Then you will have to reapply even more glue. Just like the chest jewel, let the glue dry for a couple seconds and place the Lunautics Pink Power Party onto the semi-dried glue. I used the more bold and solid colored pink to define the outline of the heart.

Making Glitter Boobs

Step 4: Filling in the heart with glitter.Again, apply the Lunautics glitter glue a little at a time, dry for 30 seconds, and place the GypsyShrine Iridescent Diamond Glitter on top. Repeat the process until the entire area is filled with glitter. I recommend using any large makeup brushes to apply glitter on larger areas, but fingers works well! (Downside of finger: you'll end up with a giant clump of glitter on your finger instead of your chest)

How to Make Glitter Boobs

Step 5: (Optional) Add the extra design above the chest jewel.I used two different kinds of glitter (24Kayy and Angel Aura) to create a little dimension to the whole look.

Applying Glitter to Make Glitter Boobs

Step 6: Complete the look by adding similar glitter used on the chest to our face.I love using glitter as my highlighter because it's simple and understated. If this is too simple, you can check out some of my other face glitter tutorials on the iHeartRaves blog!

Step 7: Put on the rest of your outfit and shake that booty at the rave!And you're finally done with your glitter boobs! Sometimes I spray on makeup setting spray (I use Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray) over my glitter to make sure the glitter stays on all night, but the Lunautics glitter glue by itself is more than enough! In fact, it sticks the glitter on so much that it's almost impossible to take off!

Glitter Boobs and Angel Halo

Don't be discouraged if this look takes a while, the process took me an hour because I didn't have any help! But by the time you finish, you'll definitely have all eyes on you at the rave ;)

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