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Most of the time festivals are events that we plan far in advance. We buy our tickets, pick the hotel, and look forward to the event for months at a time! Yet one of the best parts of the dance community is the freedom to be spontaneous. Whether you are one of the many who find a golden ticket by winning an online contest, someone gives you tickets as a gift, or your squad is just an indecisive lot. Here are some things to take into account if you find out that you are going to a last minute rave and haven’t made any plans:

Step 1: Transportation

Things to consider: carpooling, shuttles, driving solo, and flying.

I usually drive alone to events. I like the time alone in the car to decompress and it’s the most convenient when traveling last minute. However depending on the distance and the gas efficiency of you vehicle this might not actually be the most economical of situations. Sometimes flying ends up costing less than the gas. Your best bet is to see what locations the festival is offering a shuttle to and from. If you are going with a squad I highly recommend the classic road trip! Some good car games and music and you are set!

Step 2: Housing

Things to consider: Is it a camping festival? How expensive are the hotels? Would it be cheaper if your whole group shares the expenses? There are also options like Airbnb and couch surfing where you can stay for either a fraction of the cost or even for free. You can also find a group of people on the festivals Facebook page who are looking to split the costs by taking in a fellow raver. 

However, as a girl (especially if I’m traveling alone) I’m a little less likely to use those options. While for the most part they are safe and I have a lot of faith in the dance community: I personally would feel nervous staying with complete strangers. That said I have friends who couch surf regularly and have hosted new rave friends on their couches overnight. They have nothing but positive things to say about the experience. It can be a great way to meet new friends and if you are traveling solo you have a built in squad!

Step 3: Packing

Things to consider: How long do you need to pack for? What’s the weather like? Do you need to get anything last minute?

For SnowGlobe I am lucky in that I just visited Colorado and I have a lot of really cute sweaters from the visit. All I need to get is some hand warmers and gloves. For more tips on dressing for a winter raves check out this post on surviving SnowGlobe by Alexa.

Step 4: Have fun!

Sometimes it the spontaneous events in our life that are the most memorable. So even if you are staying on someones couch and forgot to pack those extra warm socks or your favorite iheartraves pasties…. just enjoy the moment and all those little forgotten things will end up being a fun story to tell at your next festival!

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