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Now the most important edition of our series of tips for guaranteeing a fun-filled and safe EDC Las Vegas weekend. The key word here is SAFE. Fun is always a goal, but the main priority is always safety and everyone’s well-being. An incredible weekend can do a complete 180 if everyone isn’t taking care of themselves and others around them. So, we suggest everyone pay close attention to Part 6 of our 7 part series as we discuss tips on how to best take care of yourself over the stretch of a hot and physically active 3 day stretch. 

EDC Las Vegas is only one week away! EDC Las Vegas is a whole different animal in terms of music festivals and is arguably the mecca of all EDM festivals. It’s massive, surreal, and has so much to offer it’s almost unimaginable to wrap your head around it all.

Lucky for all of you, we have you covered. Our good friend and lover of all things EDM, Cotton Kandi (Twitter: @CottonKandiKid, IG: Cotton.Kandi), has compiled an extensive list of all things EDC Las Vegas. This list is so impressively detailed that we had to split it up into a 7-part weekly series leading up to the granddaddy of all festivals. So be sure to check back next Wednesday for the last set of EDC tips from one of the almighty seasoned veterans of the electronic cathedral to ensure you have the best weekend of your life.

And be sure to check out Cotton Kandi on both Twitter and Instagram for fun posts on everything PLUR and EDM!

  1. Warm up and stretch before you go wild. Find time to stretch during the festival too. It really helps.
  2. Pace yourself. EDC is a marathon, not a sprint.
  3. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! Insomniac offers free water refill stations throughout the festival and will fill up anything that you present to them.
  4. Tip the free water people.
  5. Don’t avoid drinking water because you’re afraid of losing your spot in the crowd. If you don’t drink water you will pass out and the paramedics will take you to the first aid tent very far away from the stage you were at anyways.
  6. Beer is not a substitute for water.
  7. If you have any sort of injury or medical condition (diabetes, asthma, etc.) don’t try to tough it out. Visit a first aid tent. Insomniac offers 100% free quality medical attention and treatments at the first aid tents.
  8. Stay cool. The garages on the infield of the Speedway are air-conditioned.
  9. Remember to eat food at the festival. Even if your appetite is completely non existent you’ll need the energy. I don’t recommend eating stuff like pizza. They sell fruit, vegetables, protein bars and more healthy food at the Speedway.
  10. EDC is already an amazing adventure; you don’t need to consume excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol to have a good time.
  11. Drunk people should not be responsible for other drunk people.
  12. Do not buy alcohol for minors, especially minors you don’t know. You don’t want to be responsible if anything bad happens to them.
  13. I don’t care how nice they are, do not take alcohol or drugs from strangers. Don’t take anything from strangers actually, not even water. Make sure you are well stocked with your own water at all times.
  14. We do not condone or encourage drug use AT ALL, but if you’re going to do it at least be smart and dance safe.
  15. If you aren’t confident or comfortable doing something that everyone else is doing just say no thanks. Great friends will respect your decisions.
  16. If you see something, say something. If someone doesn’t look ok make sure they get checked out.
  17. Ground Control and the medical tent are there to help you out, not to get you in trouble. They will not tell the cops on you if you overdid it. Their main focus is your well being. We pinky promise.
  18. If your friends over did it and they can’t even make it to the car or the shuttle DO NOT carry them back to the hotel and tuck them into bed. Have them checked out at first aid before you leave and/or keep them sitting upright and awake until they sober up.
  19. Eat and sleep in between nights.

Derek Lavezzo
From my first festival experience at Buku 2013 I have been a nonstop part of the EDM community and love every aspect of it. I have been writing for as long as I can remember and it's what I love to do, so music + writing is the perfect combination for me.

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