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To start I’m 5’2″, 125 lbs., thick thighs with a butt and small boobs. Now that we got that covered, I wouldn’t consider myself the hottest girl nor the ugliest. I like any girl have some self-consciousness especially in rave gear. It wasn’t that I thought I was too fat, too short, or too ugly but I just wasn’t happy on the inside to love the outside. I want to point out that I never thought I looked terrible in rave outfits, there was just something not fulfilling when I wore them or any clothes really. My self-confidence wasn’t where it should’ve been at.

Making our Tomorrowworld legendary!

STAGE 1: One day while scrolling through Instagram, I saw that the iHeartRaves Unicorn Crew was looking for girls to apply to be unicorns for them at Tomorrowworld festival, 2015 (Yes, that Tomorrowworld). I thought why the hell not? What harm could be done besides them saying no to me. Within a week I found out I got picked to be one of their frolicking unicorns at one of the biggest festivals on the east coast. Now before I got the email I thought I wouldn’t be picked because I wasn’t hot enough, skinny enough, or even tattooed enough because I was competing against a lot of other girls. I thought they deserved it more than me. Somehow I was chosen and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Every step of the way the confidence within myself boosted more than expected. Even while texting the fellow unicorns I realized how awesome they were and how we all were picked for a reason (Yes, cliché but I’m serious). We weren’t chosen just solemnly based off our looks; it was based off what kind of people we were, what kind of personality we had, and what we could do for the brand during this short amount of time.

Tomorrowworld 2015 before all the mud!

STAGE 2: I definitely had some doubts when I remembered that the outfits I received weren’t of my choosing. I was expecting that I wouldn’t fit in the outfits the way they wanted me too but that is the thing about being a unicorn, they pick you to be you in the outfits, not for you to fit a raver stereotype. When trying on the outfits versus actually wearing them, I not only felt comfortable in every piece but I looked down right HOT! This is one of the big reasons being a unicorn can change your entire outlook on yourself and the rave community. It did for me almost immediately. I was one of those people that thought they only choose the skinny model type girls but that changed. The four of us were all different shapes and sizes but every outfit looked like it was made specifically for us. That is why we go to these events to promote the brand, to spread P.L.U.R, meet new people and enjoy it just like every other raver. At first I thought we would only have people coming to us just to say how hot we looked in our outfits rather than asking who we were and why we were there. I have never felt so much P.L.U.R. at a festival then when I am apart of iHR Unicorn Crew. Yes, being recognized by people because you are the iHR Unicorn Crew is pretty cool and definitely boosts your confidence way up. The absolute best part to being a unicorn and my favorite thing, is how much P.L.U.R is given and received. The number of people that just want to spread P.L.U.R. to you because you couldn’t stop smiling or because you had such a positive vibe, they couldn’t pass by without trading kandi with you is what it is all about. 

The wonderful @emazingbrian post about us unicorns.

STAGE 3: I was given the opportunity again to go to Global Dance Fest AZ 2015, where I was the vet that showed the three new girls what being a unicorn was all about. I was beyond excited to go because now it was my chance to give them the experience I had. Before every event we post a photo on iHR to let people see what we look like, what we are wearing and where to meet up with us at the event. Now this time Brian Lim, (CEO/ Founder EmazingLights/iHeartRaves) on his own Instagram account posted our photo to let other fellow ravers to meet up with us but sadly someone had commented with negative/inappropriate comments which Brian quickly responded to by defending us and blocking that person from all accounts. I have never seen such a reaction from a CEO. I couldn’t believe that he was so fast to making sure people knew we weren’t there to be objects. From there on I realized this company was so much more than just a rave gear company, they were a family that protected all those within the family and the extended family of unicorns.

STAGE 4: Being the unicorn greeter at the LUX Rave Store during the week of EDCLV 2016 was a blast. By being given these opportunities to promote for iHeartRaves I was able to to meet all kinds of different people, go to new places, spread P.L.U.R, and be more confident in myself. While I grew more confident in myself I tried my best to spread it to as many people I could. Being the recipient of all these amazing opportunities has changed me as a person. I spread more P.L.U.R at festivals and in the big girl world. I am definitely more confident in myself in all different types of clothing but especially in rave gear. Every experience I have had, every person I have met have been things I never dreamed I would get and I couldn’t thank iHeartRaves enough for it. So the next time they post about applying to be a unicorn, APPLY, I am not kidding, DO IT! You can always apply online and get emails of events in your area when they are looking for girls too! You will gain so much from it like I did. You never know what you could experience. My confidence wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for taking that chance and applying. 

Erin Capacasa
Headbanging unicorn spreading P.L.U.R. in the world one word at a time. Getting lost in music is my favorite activity.

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