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Halloween Inspo for the Perfect Rave Look

Halloween Inspo for the Perfect Rave Look

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love getting dressed up in crazy outfits and makeup. This is clearly also a big reason I love raves! I’ve put together some looks below to get you inspired for your Halloween events. As the raves get cooler, don’t forget to pack layers to stay warm. I usually pack leggings always in my bag and a long sleeve shirt or scarf no matter what season.


The crushed velvet collection from iHeartRaves really is the perfect starting point for any vampire look. Black lace also always has a vampire feel for me, so mixing that into the look is a great idea too! Perhaps use the black lace as a stencil on the side of your face, then use white face powder to fill in the gaps! Don’t forget dark lips, black or red lipstick will take it over the top!

Matte Velvetine Lipstick (Bloodmoon): Lime Crime, $20, Buy it Here

White Vampire Fangs: Spirit Halloween, $4.99, Buy them Here

Vagabond Crushed Velvet Bodysuit: iHeartRaves, $29.95, Buy it Here

Queen of the Night Lace Skirt: iHeartRaves, $39.95, Buy it Here

Wonder Woman

I really liked the Wonder Woman movie this year, and I totally get that lots of people will be dressed in that costume, but not styled this way! This is Wonder Woman headed to a rave! The accessory kit show below will tie all the pieces together perfectly and power stances in photos will carry the idea even further. Best of all, just buying accessories like this means you’ve built an outfit you can wear another time!

24K Halter Top: iHeartRaves, $24.95

Crushed Velvet Mini Skater Skirt: iHeartRaves, $28.95, Buy it Here

Adult Wonder Woman Costume Accessory Kit: Party City, $16.99, Buy it Here

Greek Goddess

I’m obsessed with this skirt. The color and the cut is so nice. The rave bra is an idea I just came up with myself. It would be super easy to make on your own with a few stitches! Your local fabric store might even have more options than what I saw online to make it more special! Don’t forget to search for a coupon before you buy, Michaels & JoAnne’s always have coupons. I chose this glitter because of the pops of blue in it. I’d put it on my shoulders for this look!

Hydra Maxi Skirt: iHeartRaves, $42.95, Buy it Here

Micro Cut Out Booty Shorts: iHeartRaves, $18.95, Buy them Here

White Push-up Bra: H&M, $17.99, Buy it Here

1” Gold Fringe Apparel Trim: JoAnne’s, $4.99, Buy it Here

22” Lemon Leaf Spray-Gold: JoAnne’s, $4.99, Buy it Here

Bubbly Glitter: Lunautics, $9.95, Buy it Here

Goddess Crown: iHeartRaves, $9.95

Mummy Couple

This is simple. The outfit is pretty much done for you. I included some Mummy Gauze because I think it’d be cute to do a tube top that is wrapped around yourself using the gauze. For both a guy and a girl I think it would be fun to use the gauze as a wrap around your heads! Black eyeshadow around and under your eyes will give you guys that undead look.

Wrapped Men’s Tank Top: iHeartRaves, $32.95, Buy it Here

Monsterville Mummy Gauze: Target, $5, Buy it Here

Wrapped Women’s Leggings: iHeartRaves, $44.95, Buy it Here

Little Red Riding Hood

The lace-up style of this bodysuit made me think of Little Red Riding Hood! Make the look more frightening by adding the scar across your face.

Red Riding Hood Cape: Shop Spring, $60, Buy it Here

Slash Wound Prosthetic: Party City, $12.99, Buy it Here

HI Black Glitter Platform Shoes: YRU, $100.95, Buy them Here

Crushed Velvet Bodysuit: iHeartRaves, $32.95

Neon Skeleton Couple

This is the look for the guy who doesn’t like to wear a shirt, which, let’s admit it, is many guys at a rave. So here’s the solution! A cut out top with awesome neon skeleton pants! The skeleton look for a lady is a more alternative skeleton. Both looks would, of course, look great completed with face paint.  

Rainbow Skeleton Joggers: iHeartRaves, $59.95, Buy it Here

Halloween T-Shirt With Rib Cage: ASOS, $28, Buy it Here

Glow in the Dark Skull Pasties: Pastease, $9.95, Buy it Here

Fierce In Fringe Suede High Waisted Skort: iHeartRaves, $39.95, Buy it Here

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