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Getting Ready For Festie Season With iHR Crew & Friends

Getting Ready For Festie Season With iHR Crew & Friends

Festival season is nearly here and we couldn’t be more excited! To celebrate, we hosted a little warehouse party & photoshoot to with some of our local, long time supporters and friends. It was so lovely to have everyone together in a non-festival setting so we could chat (and actually hear each other!)

I had a ton of fun hosting this event and I was so happy to be able to sit down with this fabulous bunch and get to know them a little better. Read on to learn more about these amazing people and get some festival tips.

Jewelz @jewelzthecat & Corey @foxyspirit AKA @celestial_fae

Photo by Jamal.Eid

Tessla: How did you and your festie bestie meet?

Jewelz: We met almost 2 years ago at City Hearts dancing on the speakers together. We danced all night and soon started festivaling together and became great friends. Fast forward and we have created our own performance group called Celestial Fae.

Corey: We are going to be performing at a lot of festivals this summer. Fire performers, fans, hooping. It’s so awesome to be working together to make beautiful visual art and share it with the world.


Emileen @love.you_em

Photo by Jamal.Eid

Tessla: What are your other hobbies besides festivals and raving?

Emileen: I sing! I am a singer and working on an EP right now. I am doing Pop/EDM. My first single is inspired by EDC. It has very good vibes. I am going to release it about a month before EDC so everyone can enjoy it. I’m really excited about it and I think you will love it too."

Tara @cosmickittyy

Photo by @Jamal.Eid

Tessla: What makes you happy?

Tara: Honestly, that’s really hard to answer because everything makes me happy. I’m a very happy person. But definitely my friends, my boyfriend my family and my animals. I love animals. Animals always bring people happiness, right?

Natalie @missnatalieclaire & Chelly @che_lley

Photo by @Jamal.Eid

Tessla: Describe your style in 3 words.

Natalie: Simple, Glitter and a little bit of Baby Spice.


Taylor @babyycharm & Nayelie @littymermaid

Photo by @Jamal.Eid

Tessla: What is something you do for every festival?

Taylor: For every festival, I have to have my eyebrows colored and glittered.

Tessla: What is a song you’ll never stop listening to?

Nayelie : I really like “Rage” by Hyper Crush

Jose @plurrabbit & Jesus @asotdrop

Photo by @Jamal.Eid

Tessla: What’s your number 1 festival fashion tip?

Jesus: Make sure you wear something glittery and something that stands out. Be flashy, shiny & colorful.

Jose: Glitter- always wear it.

Jesus: Always wear sequins.

Jose: And some fur.


Alexa @alexapond_ & Ross @theravelion

Photo by Jamal.Eid

Tessla: When and what was your first festival?

Alexa: My first festival was White Wonderland 2012.

Tessla: What is your next festival(s)?

Alexa: Crush & Beyond Wonderland.

Airica @airica.michelle & Candice @candicealice & Brooke @daisygypsyy

Photo by @Jamal.Eid

Tessla: What is your hidden talent?

Candice: I can moonwalk!

Tessla: What is your number 1 festival tip?

Airica: Buy hand warmers, wear a bra and put the hand warmers in your bra. Literally, it’s all warm on your body and feels so good. Extra pair for your hands and an extra pair for your tits. I swear to god, it's the best.


Team iHeartRaves would be nothing without our incredible community!

We cannot wait to spread the fashion, music, dance, art, and PLUR worldwide this season. Thank you for your support!

@mamaunicorn175, @kell_lovesorangesoda, @tesslavenus, @tinydancer_88, (Photo by @Jamal.Eid)


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You guys are all so beautiful! I’ll be looking out for the unicorns at Lost Lands this year ❤️❤️❤️ I have iheartraves gear for every day picked out already

Hannah Gandrud

February 28, 2018

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