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Music is an art; no ifs ands or buts about it. It’s an artistic reflection of the person producing it and is a way to portray who they are to the rest of the world. No matter what music you listen to, the person who made it or is performing it is giving you a glimpse into their universe.

However, not all art is necessarily artistic. For music to be artistic it has to have different aesthetics than your run-in-the-mill radio pop song. It has to speak to both the artist and his or her audience and create an emotional piece of art in your soul. EDM is chock full of true artists now more than ever, with one in particular making waves as we speak.

His name is Flume, and he is an authentic artist. 

The man born Harley Edward Streten, currently at the mindboggling young age of 24, has already cemented himself as one of the most unique artists in the game with some of the most charismatic and infectious music you will ever hear. Simply put, if you’re searching for something completely different, Flume is your guy.

Even how he got his start is remarkably different. He was discovered through an original artists competition run by the company Future Classic. Their owner and now his current manager, Nathan McLay, took an extreme liking to him and subsequently signed him and released his first EP “Sleepless”.

It was his debut album (self-titled “Flume”) that catapulted him into musical lore, though. Released in 2012, this album stands on its own as one of the most striking and enthralling releases of any electronic artist to date. It branches out in ambiguity in the most remarkable way, from his hip hop flavored hit “On Top”, to his funktastic, bellowing, and infectious tune “Holdin On”, to the wonky and energizing “More Than You Thought”, this album has a little something for every music lover to enjoy.

After his first album Flume continued to dazzle with a variety of releases, including remixes to such names as Arcade Fire (Afterlife), Lorde (Tennis Courts), and Disl possibly his most notable to be his joint EP with fellow Australian producer Chet Faker entitled “Lockjaw”. This EP featured three incredible songs, one of which is the melodic masterpiece “Drop The Game”.

And now here we are on the cusp of a brand new full length album called “Skin” from the virtuoso from down under, and it is already shaping up to be a legendary compilation of brilliant music. His two singles released thus far are so astoundingly distinct it gets you excited for the tsunami he is set to launch at the world. The first single “Never Be Like You” features spellbinding vocals from Kai and is a soothing fusion of future bass with spacy vibes and some trap-ish undertones that creates its own aura when played. The second single is titled “Smoke & Retribution” which features strong rapping from Vince Staples coupled with airy vocals from Kucka across a bass-laden track complete with heavy electronic booms and some video game-ish sounds. I honestly have trouble finding the right words to describe his songs, so you’ll have to listen for yourself to really get a strong feel for them.

If the past is any indicator, then the present and future for Flume is piercingly bright. Beyond what you hear on the radio or at any main stage, his music is its own entity entirely and could very well lead the charge on a new pilgrimage for electronic music (not dance music). His music is quite addictive, just forewarning you, and once you start listening not only will you not stop but you’ll find yourself on extra-large pins and needles waiting for new music.

The Flume takeover has begun, and as one of his lyrics states “I want the top”, surely he will be there very soon.

Derek Lavezzo
From my first festival experience at Buku 2013 I have been a nonstop part of the EDM community and love every aspect of it. I have been writing for as long as I can remember and it's what I love to do, so music + writing is the perfect combination for me.

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