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EDC 2018 Inspiration for Outfit Ideas, Themes, & Costumes

5+ EDC Outfits You Need for 2018

If you’ve been to EDC before, you know that planning can sometimes be stressful. Between booking the hotel, flights, shuttle passes and planning which artists you’ll see, it can almost feel overwhelming. For me, one aspect of planning for a festival that’s also a necessity but also extremely fun is outfit planning!


Check out these premade outfits that are perfect for EDC 2018!


Moon Dancer Outfit

Dance across the cosmos in out of this world style with our Moon Dancer Outfit! The mesh top is made of breathable fabric that will keep you cool, but looking hot AF on the dance floor. One of our best-selling styles of rave shorts, the Aries Scrunch Back Booty shorts, are also featured in this outfit. These booty shorts are super flexible so you can dance comfortably all night long. Many EDC outfits are loud and bright, but I personally like the overall darkness of this look with the neon accents (which are sure to look amazing under any blacklight!).

iHeartRaves Moon Dancer Outfit with Black Mesh Long Sleeve Top & Alien Pasties

Baby Daisy Outfit

When I see this outfit, I immediately think of EDC Las Vegas. The Baby Daisy Outfit simply radiates fun, happy vibes. This outfit's keyhole halter top even features daisies - EDC’s iconic symbol. The top has soft and breathable fabric which is great for the heat during EDC. Because EDC is in May this year, it might be a good idea to bring a jacket in case temperatures drop at night. This rainbow jacket is great to stash in a locker so your outfit can remain on point in case you get cold! In true EDC fashion, the jacket even lights up! The bottoms feature a flattering fit and stylish lace-up sides for a sexy touch while giving you ample coverage to groove comfortably.

iHeartRaves Rainbow Baby Daisy Outfit with Floral Cat Ears & Faux Fur Coat

Rave Gypsy Outfit

I absolutely adore both pieces that make up the top of this rave outfit. The Savage Wrap around top and Sequin Bra are two fun pieces that come in a variety of colors, creating tons of vibrant combinations. Likewise, the bottom part of this look - The Twilight Gypsy Wrap also comes in multiple colors so you can really customize this rave outfit to match your festival style. The Twilight Gypsy Wrap is super awesome because it doubles as both a skirt and a top. That’s right - you get a cute two-for-one deal when you purchase this gem! 

iHeartRaves Purple Rave Gypsy Outfit with White Sequin Bra & Jeweled Fringe

Silver Doll Outfit

Who says black is boring?! This magical look is created with items designed by the rave fashion goddess herself, Rolita - owner of Rolita Couture. Not digging the darker colors? This festival bodysuit comes in multiple colors (Disclaimer: you may spend wayyy too much time deciding because they are all way too freakin’ cute)! The Cosmic Heroine Mesh Skirt comes in black and white and offers breathability on the dance floor. Add your festival jewels and you’re ready to hit the dance floor in this dazzling one-of-a-kind festival look!

iHeartRaves Silver Doll Outfit with Large Sequins and Sheer Maxi Skirt

Disco Darling Outfit

Featuring floral print and tons of sparkle, this Disco Darling Outfit was born to be an EDC outfit.  We assure you that you’ll dazzle everyone in sight and steal the spotlight with this one-of-a-kind festival look. The Party Monster Sequin Skirt is definitely a rave-day essential and EDC is no exception. This skirt is not only gorgeous, but it’s lightweight and flowy - making it easy to dance all night long. The floral lace top is this is one of my personal favorites. To complete the look, grab a pair of our new sunglasses, festival jewels and add some cosmetic glitter.

iHeartRaves Disco Darling Outfit with Pink Sequin Mini Skirt, Platform Boots, & Rave Top


Feeling inspired to create your own rave outfit? Keep reading to check out the hottest styles and themes that will be a smash hit at EDC 2018. 



Every gal wants to spread her wings and fly! Transform into a beautiful butterfly with a pair of our butterfly wings + leg wraps and accessories.

iHeartRaves Blue & Purple Butterfly Rave Outfit with Butterfly Wings Accessory & Face Glitter

@raine.lii and are wearing Disco Savage Wrap Around Top, Hologram Aries Scrunch Booty Shorts, butterfly wings, diamond net pantyhose, poison ivy glitter

iHeartRaves Music Festival Butterfly Wings Outfit with Black Cutout Rave Bodysuit & Leg Wraps

 Model is wearing Aries Warrior Bodysuit, butterfly wings, black leg wraps

iHeartRaves Holographic Rave Outfit with Rainbow Butterfly Wings & Leg Wraps

@mysticbritt is wearing Stella Disco Romper, Rainbow Butterfly Wings, White Non-Slip Leg Wraps 



Under the sea is where all the plurmaids love to be! Become an underwater goddess with our mermaid-themed bodysuits, shorts pasties and tops.

iHeartRaves Purple Mermaid Outfit with Seashells and Mesh Crop Top

@purplesneakers_ wearing our J. Valentine Mermaid Mesh Crop Top and Tie Dye Micro Cut out Booty Shorts.

iHeartRaves Green Mermaid Outfit with Starfish and Seashell Coverage & Pink Leg Wraps & Platform Boots

@Parisverra wearing J. Valentine Sea Queen Mesh Bodysuit & Pink Leg Wraps.

iHeartRaves Blue Festival Mermaid Outfit and Accessories

Majestic Mermaid look includes: Glitter Mermaid Net Halter Top, J. Valentine High Waisted Mermaid Booty Shorts, Seashell Pasties, Cosmetic Glitter


Are you feeling groovy?! Tie-Dye is an absolute must-have during EDC. It goes great with any complimentary color, creating hundreds of options. It also looks fabulous on its own! And, you're in luck because iHeartRaves has dozens of options of tie-dye, including bodysuits, booty shorts, rave tops and more.


iHeartRaves Tie Dye Rave Outfit with White Keyhole Halter Top and Pink Knee High Fishnet

@nikkiloulou_ is wearing Mesh Keyhole Halter Top, J. Valentine Tie Dye High Waisted Booty Shorts, Puffball Headband, Cross Pasties, Fence Net Thigh Highs


iHeartRaves Rainbow Tie Dye Velvet and Fishnet Bodysuit with Holographic Kimono

@alicetheromanca is wearing Hella Holographic Kimono, Rainbow Velvet Fishnet BodysuitPink Hologram Pasties, Ribbed Top Fishnet Thigh Highs


Daisies truly are the heart of EDC. You can’t lose if you add a daisy or floral-themed outfit or accesory to one of the days at the Electric Daisy Carnival.

iHeartRaves Floral Rave Outfit with Daisy Cat Ear Headband and Holographic Booty Shorts

 @miss_angeliquew is wearing criss-cross high waisted shorts, psychedelic daisy crop top and flower kitty ears

You can also add a subtle touch of daisy-ness to your outfit with cute accessories like these Daisy Cat Ears and Daisy Pasties

                iHeartRaves White Daisy Cat Ear HeadbandiHeartRaves White Daisy Pasties Nipple Covers


I consider mesh to be the “little black dress” of the rave scene. Every girl simply needs a black mesh outfit! Pair it with the right pasties and a little goes a long way.

iHeartRaves Chic Festival Outfit with Sheer Tee & Strappy High Waisted Shorts and Rave Bra

@_basskitten is wearing twinkle mesh tee, gold leg wraps, strappy bottoms and chunky gold glitter

iHeartRaves Black Mesh Outfit with Long Tee, Cross Pasties, & Booty Shorts

Model is wearing Electric Net Lace Up Tee, Fishnet Panel Booty Shorts, Cross Pasties


You ain't no hollaback girl, but you can definitely be a Holographic gal! iHeartRaves offers tons of Holographic items including bodysuits, shorts, tops and hoods.

iHeartRaves Cute White Holographic Sparkly Rave Outfit with White & Black Fluffies

@bri2fab is wearing criss-cross halter top, criss-cross high-waisted booty shorts, white fluffies, ice queen glitter

iHeartRaves Holographic One Piece Bodysuit with Sparkly Hooded Duster Vest

@love.you_em is wearing Opal Holographic Bodysuit, Sparkle Queen Vest

Sequins & Sparkles

Just like tie-dye, Sequins and Sparkles are a must-have at EDC. Frowns will turn upside down once they catch sight of your radiant shine!  

iHeartRaves Iridescent Blue & Pink Sequin Rave Mermaid Outfit with Shiny Platform Boots

@_LadyKC is wearing Party Monster Sequin Top, Aries Goddess Booty Shorts, YRU Blue Atlantis Platform Sneakers

iHeartRaves Black Iridescent Sequin Outfit with Holographic Booty Shorts

@alicetheromanca is wearing Dragon Scale Sequin Top, Purple Leg Wraps, Nylon Fishnet Thigh HighsChoker with min-ringCriss Cross Hologram Shorts 


Whether you wear black, white or rainbow colored fishnet material as a shirt, crop top, bodysuit or leggings, fishnets will keep you looking hot AF while keeping you cool in the Vegas heat. 

iheartraves Tie Dye Rainbow Crop Top with Daisy Pasties

 @miss_angeliquew is wearing a Happy Daisy Fishnet Tee and Aries Goddess Scrunch Back Booty Shorts

iHeartRaves Black and White Chic Fishnet Bodysuit Outfit with Rave Leg Wraps

@Priscillacrystalg is wearing the Geometric Muse Outfit

iHeartRaves Black Fishnet Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Model is Wearing Dark Diamond Fishnet Bodysuit


Kellie Burch
Editor in Chief of Studio 240. You can usually find me at the Bass Stage.

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Amazing outfits


April 24, 2018

If I can get tickets this will be my first rave, so I’m happy that I found iheartraves because I’m even more excited to go now!!


April 16, 2018

LIFE is great with i❤️Rave

Lutful Ahad

April 07, 2018

Absolutely beautiful

Sage Williams

April 06, 2018

Excellent collections waw !! .


February 26, 2018

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