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This is a simple project you can do at home (for cheap!) for a last minute Halloween look that’ll still turn heads! 

What You Need

  • Hot glue gun
  • Pack of spider rings
  • Floral wire 

What To Do

1. Cut the wire to the size you wan the crown to be

2. Twist the ends together so it’s closed and tape around it so the edges of the wire don’t poke your head

3. Cut the ring pieces off the spiders, and start to glue the spiders one at a time around the ring

That’s it! Rock your tiara as a spider queen or king!


What to Pair it With

Mix it with some pieces you may already have, or check out these items from iHeartRaves to make complete the spider queen look!

Alexa S
Seeing live music has always been in my top 5 favorite things that I like to do. Ever since I turned 16 and could drive myself I’ve been attending as many live music events as I can. And I love all types of music, from classical piano to dubstep.

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