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You just bought your EDC Vegas ticket and you’re thinking to yourself, “everything is all unicorns and rainbows from here on”, but the reality is that you’re not in the clear just yet! You have your ticket, but you still need to pay for transportation, hotel, food and more. I know the ticket itself was expensive, but before you start having a panic attack thinking of all the money you’re going to have to spend, here are some ways you can cut the cost of all the EDC Vegas weekend expenses! Outfits: Buying a new outfit adds up quick, and you’ll have to multiply that cost three times because you need a new outfit for each night! You could buy a brand new outfit from head to toe for each night or you can recycle pieces to help drop the cost. I love wearing a new outfit, (I mean who doesn’t right!), but one thing that has helped me save money is what I like to call New, Borrow, Make! The New stands for a brand new outfit that I really like so I splurge and get it brand spankin’ new! The Borrow stands for an outfit that I borrow from friends, I might wear some shorts that I already own and then borrow a top I like from one of my friends. Even though the outfit technically isn’t new, it’s still new to me because I’m wearing this outfit for the first time. The Make stands for an outfit that I made. Maybe there is a shirt that I cut or a bra that I glued flowers on, whatever it is, getting crafty is cheaper than buying brand new. By the time I’m done with everything, I have three “new” outfits to wear that was way cheaper than buying three brand new outfits! You could also look in your rave gear closet and mix and match what you already have! Just because you wear something once doesn’t mean it can’t be worn again. So look at what you already have and switch it up or even alter it to give it new life!

Travel: You won’t be able to enjoy the rave if you can’t get there! When it comes to airline, you can find discounted prices online on many different sites and shop around for the best price you can find! If you’re going on wheels you can rent a car and split the cost with a few friends or take the bus. Don’t rule out the bus option because it seems strange. Yes it may take a little longer to get there and might not be as comfortable, but the plus side is that the bus tickets were really cheap! Take a bus trip out to Vegas to save on gas and the best part is, you don’t have to drive. Now when it comes to riding on wheels I much rather rent a car with a group! When everybody riding pitches in to rent it and pitches in for gas, it’s not such a burden to pay for! If you are renting a car, try to look for options that are Fuel Efficient to save on gas!

Hotel: Now you need to find a place to rest your pretty little head! When looking for hotels there are all kinds of discounted hotel search websites like, so before you go to the official website of the hotel, look for other options that might score you a discounted room! Also, look at different companies that you buy from to see if they have any hotel discounts. For instance I have an annual AAA membership that I pay for, and since I’m a AAA member, I’m able to take advantage of all the discounts that they have available on their website, including hotel stays! Take a look at the different things you are paying for and see if any of those companies have special hotel discounts. Another thing to consider is your job! My work place offers a similar program that AAA offers with hotel discounts for employees. Definitely check to see if your job offers anything like that as well. (It’s also a great idea to try all these options when looking for cheaper flight and car rental deals too!). Another option is to book an AirBnB. Get a house with a bunch of friends and split the cost for an affordable, but comfortable sleeping situation.

Gambling: If you are planning on gambling in Vegas, then set money aside for it! Set aside a little budget that is just for gambling each day! If you spend all of your gambling money for the day, then it’s time to call it quits for the day. We are all human, and I know it’s tempting to dip into your gambling budget for day 2 if you end up losing all of your day 1 budget faster than you thought you would, but don’t! I was guilty of this at one time, and ended up losing all three days worth of gambling money on day one. Believe me, it wasn’t fun! You have to set limits for yourself because if you don’t you will end up spending way more than you originally wanted to, and might end up broke and unable to pay for anything else the rest of the weekend. 

Food & Drink: You have to eat and drink of course, but it doesn’t have to be expensive! My grandma actually lives in Vegas, so whenever my friends and I stay out there, she always stops by the hotel and drops off a basket full of  food, fruits, drinks and goodies that we snack on all weekend. Unfortunately not everybody has a grandma that lives in Vegas. Firstly of all, don’t forget to pack snacks for the whole weekend. Whenever me and my friends take a road trip we love to have a snack attack for the road, but whatever we didn’t eat, we have to snack on for the rest of the weekend. Secondly, don’t forget the water! You can bring gallon bottles that everyone can share in the hotel. Also pay attention to any coupons you get while you are at the hotel. Sometimes we see them and kind of just throw them to the side, but a lot of hotels give really good deals for the food and drink in the hotel. Try to split a few meals with friends to help out with food prices also! Getting pizza or Chinese food is always a good choice when trying to have enough food to share with friends that will also fill everyone up!

Extra Stuff: A lot of the extra stuff we buy while out in Vegas are things that we forgot to bring! Sunscreen, glasses, lotion, are all things that you can bring yourself. That’s why it’s always good to make a packing list before you pack your bag and triple check it before you leave the house. Bringing everything you need will save you money from buying those same items again just for the weekend. Being prepared can save you money!

Happiness: PRICELESS! Your happiness is priceless (Thank goodness!). When it comes down to it, the most important thing is that you’re having a good time, which is FREE! So be prepared, be safe, cut back prices whenever you can, and I can’t wait for us all to be happily united under the electric sky!

Danielle Guillory
A free spirited, loving raver living a very PLUR lifestyle :)

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