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Contact Winter Music Festival
Photo Credit: Contact Winter Festival

My First Canadian Festival Experience at Contact Winter Festival 2019

Happy New Year! There were many music festivals happening at the end of 2019, and I had the pleasure of going to Contact Winter Festival in Vancouver, Canada for my first Canadian rave experience. Contact happened on December 27th and 28th, so it was a perfect way to celebrate both Christmas and New Years at the same time. Contact was such an amazing experience; the lineup was phenomenal, the crowd was very high energy, and winter-themed outfits people were wearing were on point. This festival was all-ages, so it was very inspiring to see ravers of all ages come together and enjoy a weekend of amazing music.

 Contact Winter Music Festival Lineup

Contact released their phenomenal lineup in September, and it was an awesome mix of house and bass artists. Since I absolutely love both genres, I was very excited to see artists such as Said the Sky, Kaskade, Feed Me, and Rezz.

Contact had two stages, and most of the heavier bass artists were playing at the Fvded Stage, while the rest were at the Main Stage. Although I had a lot of set conflicts, it was easy to move between the two stages, so I was able to split my time between both stages very easily.

For Day 1, I stayed at the Main Stage the whole time, and saw Said the Sky, San Holo, Kaskade, and Major Lazer. Both Said the Sky and San Holo brought live instruments on stage, so that was a huge treat for me since I love live sets. Kaskade was my favorite set musically, he played a lot of his older songs and many crowd favorites. Major Lazer went all out with their set production, and they even had backup dancers and lasers!

Day 2 also had a good variety between bass and house artists, and this day I got to experience both the Fvded Stage and Main Stage. I got to see artists such as Bonnie x Clyde, Destructo, Dabin, Fisher, Feed Me, Rezz, and Tiesto. Overall Dabin played an amazing melodic set so that was my favorite set for the day, but both Rezz and FIsher threw phenomenal sets at the Main Stage as well. This was one of my favorite times seeing Tiesto, and he played a very high energy set with a lot of EDM throwbacks that had the crowd excited.

                                                                                                                       Vancouver Ravers at Contact Music Festival

Photo by Banana Cam Photo 

The thing that stood out to me the most about Contact was the sense of community that I saw in the Vancouver ravers at Contact. COED Ravepower, a Facebook Group consisting of many ravers in Vancouver had a meetup at Contact for both days. I got to attend both meetups, and many members were trading kandi with each other, dancing with flow toys together, and enjoying the music as a community.

Although people came and went throughout the meetups, a lot of the members stayed in the area for a number of sets, and it was an amazing way for both new and old ravers in the community to meet each other and get to know each other.

Even though it was my first time at an event in Canada, I felt welcome during those meetups, and it was very heartwarming to see how these ravers cultivated a sense of community. Because of the sound ordinance in Vancouver, Contact ended at midnight on both nights, but many clubs in Vancouver had afterparties that went on through the night. Even though many partied all night, the crowd was extremely lively on Day 2, and I loved the high-energy spirit that the attendees had throughout the festival.  

Rolita Couture Outfit at Contact Music Festiva

I saw a lot of cute winter-themed outfits all through Contact! Since the event was a couple of days after Christmas, I saw a few Christmas themed outfits accessorized with Santa hats, fur jackets, and other Christmas related accessories. I also saw many people wearing outfits from iHeartrave’s Winter Collection, Iccced Out. If you are going to any other winter festivals, I highly recommend checking it out! On the first day, I got to wear a couple of snakeskin pieces from the Rolita Couture x iHeartraves Collection, which was really comfortable and I got a lot of compliments through the night!

Overall, I had an amazing weekend at Contact. I loved being able to spend time with the ravers in Vancouver, and it was a weekend filled with good music and a perfect way to end 2019. Since the lineup for the festival has been amazing the past few years, I’m very excited to see their lineup for next year. It was a successful first event in Canada, and it definitely won’t be my last!

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