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Bassnectar NYE: The Return of 360

Bassnectar NYE: The Return of 360

Living in the South has opened my eyes to how lucky my West-Coast ravers are. Throughout the year we have notably fewer festivals, and this is even more true for New Years. Options in the South are limited - while my friends out on the west coast get their choice between Countdown NYE, Snowglobe, and OMFG NYE.

Thankfully, there’s one artist that is aware of this and brings the bass to the south every year. I’m talking about none other than Bassnectar. Each year, he chooses a different location in the south to host his NYE event. I know all of us southerners can really appreciate this- considering how long it usually takes us to travel to ANY event. This December, all the true bassheads will be gathering in Greensboro, North Carolina to celebrate the new year and the return of NYE 360.

I’ve been attending Bassnectar’s NYE events since 2016. That year, I was amazed by the 360 stage in the Birmingham Coliseum. No matter where you were in the venue, you had a perfect view of the visuals and the man himself killing it. Last year, the event moved to Atlanta. It was a fun time, but the venue was not capable of hosting the 360 stage. The 360 stage is an iconic staple for the NYE event. Bassnectar and his team listened to his fans- and brought back the 360 stage this year with the announcement of the event being held at the Greensboro Coliseum.

ravers at bassnectar 360

My boyfriend and me during NYE 2017

In addition to bringing back the rotating stage, Bassnectar’s team opened up the stands and the floor for all of General Admission. This means you are 100% free to explore all places of the venue (in the past the floor was exclusive for VIP ticket holders). Bassnectar has even promised his biggest haven ever with enhanced sanctuary stations. If you’re unfamiliar with the haven, it’s essentially a chill spot filled with live painters, art exhibits, comfy places to sit, and good vibes.

We won’t just be partying at NYE though. Each year, the Bassnectar team sets up charity drives to help the less fortunate. This year, you have the option to donate directly to the North Carolina hurricane relief fund when you purchase your ticket. In addition, the Bass Network hosts a clothing drive where you can donate your jacket if you don’t want to hold it all night. At Basscenter, they also hosted a canned food drive with a limited edition poster as the prize for bringing something in. More info on charity events will be announced closer to the day of the event.  

The lineup is nothing short of a basshead's fantasy. This lineup introduced me to Anna Morgan, and after checking her out I’m excited to see her set. I’ve been dying to see Manic Focus since I first hear their songRage Fits Perfect.I nearly fainted after seeing G Jones b2b Eprom on the lineup, considering these are two of my favorite producers and they’ve both been KILLING it recently. And finally, we have the man of the hour, Bassnectar. NYE 360 will feature a two hour set with him ringing in the New Year.

Bassnectar 360 Lineup

If you’re planning on attending NYE 360, prepare for the cold weather. It can range from the 30’s to the 50’s throughout the day. Definitely bring a jacket and something to keep your head warm. Unfortunately, this venue hasn't had a coat check in the past. However, as I said earlier, you are able to donate your jacket to a clothing drive if you didn’t want to end up holding it all night. Just be prepared for the weather once you exit the venue!

If you’re into bass music, NYE 360 is the event for you. You won’t just be ringing the new year in with Bassnectar, but will also enjoy art installations as well as the good feeling of helping those in need. I’ll see you guys at Greensboro!

Don't Miss Out! Tickets to Bassnectar NYE are still available. 

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