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All New Friends: Making Friends At Raves

All New Friends: Making Friends At Raves

Most people head to a festival with their usual rave family and friends. You rarely see people raging solo at a festival. For those who want to go to an event but have no one to go with don’t let your friends hold you back! It can be an eye opening experience experiencing a rave by yourself, especially when it’s something you want to do. So how do you make friends at rave?

Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with the person next to you. If you like someone’s outfit, tell them. If you think someone is chill, let them know that you feel their good vibes. It may seem weird to have a total stranger just come up to you and talk to you, but the strangeness of the situation goes away when the intentions are harmless. If you like someone’s totem it’s more than likely that they’ll let you take a picture with it as well! Other times you’ll connect with ravers via social media and actually end up finding them at an event! At one event I had a guy come up to my girl friend and I and tell us that he follows us on Instagram and wanted to say hi! It was weird to think that my profile is starting to become more known to other ravers, but it was cool to have a stranger talk to me about how cool my posts are! ^_^

Trading kandi with Jake, one of the most genuine ravers I know

Trade kandi! I purposely make extra kandi just to give to new friends that I meet! When I meet new people at raves, I’ve always given them kandi because I want them to have something to remember me by. Although not all of the kandi I make are equally beautiful I put in a lot of time, effort, and love into each one of them. Whenever someone comes up to me to either talk to me or compliment my outfit I ask if they want kandi. Half of the time the other person has nothing to trade back, but I always tell everyone I meet, “I made these [kandi] to give.” Every piece of kandi matters even if you don’t remember who gave it to you! They are a piece of someone that was given to you at a moment of connection

Sharing our canopy for shade with our neighbors

Share what you have. Don’t be so stingy! Sure you have only have 5 pieces of gum left, but you’re not gonna die if you give one person who would like some one piece. Almost everyone at raves are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I don’t think I’ve met one person that didn’t want to share something with me whether it may be their diffraction glasses, water, festival schedule, or even hugs! Sure you’re saving your personal supplies for yourself and your friends, but it’s also a great way to meet others and be known as a generous person! Who knows, that guy/girl that you didn’t help out could have been your soul mate and you just missed out. So the next time someone asks you for some water, a piece of gum, or candy you’re eating (my boyfriend has been asked that before), feel free to share and you might even get something back in return!

L-R: Me, T Blaze Photography, and my best friend, Jessica showing our wild side

Let go of your insecurities. One reason why I love my friends so much is because we’re able to have no boundaries with each other. Raves are a place where you’re free to let go, be yourself, and embrace the everyone’s unique personality. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty weird! At random times during a festival I’ll get hungry, leave my friends, and I’ll be back dancing while eating fries at hand! Or you’ll see me photobombing my friend’s photos making ugly faces in the background (this one I do more often). I mean, who would you rather be hanging out with: someone who is fist pumping and bobbing their heads next to you or someone dancing crazy and being silly with you? I’d rather be with one silly friend than a group of friends who focus too much on being cool

Group hug with my friends

Be open to others. We all have backgrounds and experiences that we may be ashamed of, but that’s why we go to raves, so we can let go, meet those who won’t judge us for our past! But we are who we are because of our experiences in life, so why not share that story with others? It could easily change someone’s life as well! I know it may seem a little weird that someone would share a whole conversation with you, but while you’re just sitting on the sidelines resting your legs, that’s when a conversation is normal. I love talking to people about my rave experience and listening to other’s share theirs. Connecting with people through shared experiences is what makes raves a great place to make friends.

The next time you go to a rave remember this: you’re not alone, you’re surrounded by friends that you haven’t met yet. Rave on and keep it PLUR

Stephanie Quiambao
Living life like a breeze in the Bay Area, sharing the love to my fellow ravers

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