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As we scramble to pack the essentials and plan for Euphoria this weekend, the words of festival founder Mitch Morales, provide us all with a reminder of what the festival lifestyle is about: community. For all of us heading to Carson Creek Ranch this weekend, and for those who plan on attending in years to come, we can rest assure that the foundation of the festival was built with the intention of bonding together the city of Austin with each person who attends.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing this unique Texas city, Euphoria might be the perfect opportunity to break the ice.  The city of Austin has strong music roots, and hosts multiple diverse festivals each year, with Euphoria being its very own original electronic music festival.  Mitch Morales has used Euphoria as a direct way to reflect his obvious love for the city of Austin, by combining numerous extraordinary factors from the city and building a music festival community around it.

What do you want first time attendees to take away from their experience at Euphoria? 

The sense of community that Euphoria exudes. We want people to come here and meet new friends that they continue to talk to, between this Euphoria and the next.

For those who are returning, what can they expect to see differently? 

It is our 5th year, so we are constantly evolving, while remaining true to our roots. I think the main thing that will stand out will be the lengths we took to make it a fully immersive environment. From our morning yoga on the Colorado River to the Food Truck Park and Alamo Drafthouse, Euphoria is a microcosm of Austin.

When setting up the layout of the venue, what was the main goal? 

Pack the most amount of experience, into the space given. And that doesn’t just mean drop a bunch of crap in a field, even our open spaces are mapped out to allow people to come together as a community.

What do you think the team who helped create Euphoria is most excited about this year? 

Hard to say. We all come from different backgrounds (much like Euphoria, itself), so it is hard to tag one element or another. Collectively, I think we are excited for another amazing year.

Is there any one thing that you would tell those attending not to miss out on (i.e. on site yoga, specific food vendors, art installations, etc.)? 

Probably either the morning yoga at the DragonFly Stage or our river cleanup with Keep Austin Beautiful. Even if you aren’t from here, you have an opportunity to give back to our host city and leave it better than it was when you came.

What are your plans to assure that the event not only grows, but improves each year?  How have you managed this so far?

I think we are more focused on not only growing the festival, but doing so in a manner that keeps us close to our roots. That take a lot of effort and a lot of people. Maybe ask me this question on April 11th and I will better know.

A lot of people have talked about the venue – was there anything specific that made the final decision for the location?

It was a way for people to get away from it all, with the camping options, but also feel like Euphoria is still very much a city festival. It also gives us options to grow and make this more of a long term home for the festival.

What would you say has been the greatest outcome from hosting Euphoria? 

Probably all the familiar faces we see year after year. People aren’t just coming because we have a stellar lineup. Euphoria and the people it attracts resonates with people and keeps them coming back to Austin.

How do you feel when you hear people talk about how incredible of a festival Euphoria has been/will be? 

Like a proud papa. Sometimes it is hard to believe. We have definitely come far in a very short period of time.

What is one message that you hope Euphoria delivers to all of those who attend this year?

That we are a community.

Remember to appreciate and embrace the community atmosphere that Euphoria offers, and safe travels to those hitting the road to enjoy this incredible festival! 

Hannah Hughes
Firm believer in the law of attraction, PLUR, and filthy dubstep. Bass junkie. The fact that "vomitstep" is a genre, really excites me. PLF & NinjaNation.

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