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2019 Horoscope Fashion

2019 Horoscope Fashion

Horoscopes are fun, and I find myself checking them at the start of a new year with my friends. I’ve come up with some fun festival/rave horoscopes for this year! What’s your horoscope say? I’ve also styled you a birthstone fashion piece and the perfect event for you to attend when it’s your sign in 2019!


You’re going to lose your sunglasses, so invest in a cheap pair… or two…or five. Better to have some extras ready to go!

Perfect Event: Groove Cruise

Birthstone Fashion: Crazy In Love Sunglasses

Red Heart Shaped Sunglasses



You’re stronger than you think! No need to convince the whole squad, you can totally handle going to that event alone, buy the ticket!

Perfect Event: Crush Arizona

Birthstone Fashion:Shimmering Snake Cut Out Romper

Purple Snake Print Romper


Slow down, girl! You can have a tendency to rush through things. Double check the lid on that glitter… or regret it later.

Perfect Event: CRSSD Fest

Birthstone Fashion:Blue Dreams Glitter


Blue dreams glitter


Ball out! Rock a VIP ticket this year, you deserve it! You’re going to love how much extra room you’ll have to dance!

Perfect Event: Coachella

Birthstone Fashion:White Diamond Flip Pasties

White Diamond Flip Sequin Pasties


Your rave bae is… probably in the port-a-potty… they’ll find you, just give them some more time.

Perfect Event: Shaky Beats

Birthstone Fashion:Zodiac Men’s Tee, Green

Zodiac Green Mens Tee



Seriously, stop taking things from strangers. SERIOUSLY.

Perfect Event: Spring Awakening

Birthstone Fashion:Desert Rose Boob Jewels

Gypsy Shine Desert Rose Body Jewels



You might lose the group, but it’s fine - a new adventure awaits! Keep an eye out for the kids with the matching panda masks. They’re chill and will adopt you - you’ll have an extra rave fam for life!

Perfect Event: Glastonbury

Birthstone Fashion:Velvet O Ring Halter Top

Crushed Velvet Red Ring Halter Top


Get your smile ready, your looks this year are camera ready! Be sure to check the event Instagram page afterwards, you might just pop up!

Perfect Event: Outside Lands

Birthstone Fashion:Fluffy Alien Light Up Choker

Fluffy Alien Choker



This year is it! You’re gonna make it on the live stream! Smile big for mom, she’s gonna be so proud!

Perfect Event: Nocturnal Wonderland

Birthstone Fashion:Spectrum Blue Cross Pasties

Pair of Spectrum Blue Cross Pastease


Wine and water are NOT equal. Don’t forget to hydrate. Pack a reusable bottle so you don’t have to buy once inside to save a little more money.

Perfect Event: Dirtybird Campout

Birthstone Fashion:Rose All Day Metallic Faux Leather Sneakers

Rose All Day Metallic Sneakers


The squad might not have said it, but they’re ready for matching looks. Lock down an outfit theme early to prep! You be the queen and pick the first theme!

Perfect Event: Voodoo Fest

Birthstone Fashion:Off the Shoulder Crop Top

Off the Shoulder Yellow Long Sleep Crop Top


You better buy stakes for that tent. It’s gonna be windy. It will be a lot easier to find your tent later if it’s stuck to the ground. And in the meantime, also invest in some fun solar charged lights to decorate with!

Perfect Event: Spilt Milk Festival

Birthstone Fashion:Frosty N Fab Crop Top

Girl Wearing Sparkly Blue Crop Top

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