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  • General Gloving
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    General Gloving Questions
    1. Introduction To Gloving


      Gloving is an exciting new art form and style of dance that combines liquid movements with optical illusion. Gloving is primarily done by moving your fingers and hands to the rhythm of music while wearing LED light tipped gloves that accentuate your movements.

      An LED Glove Set typically consists of 2 plain white gloves that have microlights inserted in the fingertips. The artist then inserts his/her hands in the gloves and lets the microlights rest on either the top or bottom of his/her fingers. The lights themselves are usually made up of a chip, casing and bulb. There are a wide variety of chips and bulbs on the market that can be combined to make all kinds of lighting effects. The preferred choice of most glovers are our eLite series of chips and casings, but our eDot chips are less expensive and great for beginners. It is all about experimenting and finding what you like; mix and match to make them your own!



    2. Gloving Terms

        • Box Tutting – A combination of finger tutting,  and remoting, using your arms, hands, fingers, etc. to create, slide, move and manipulate boxes (or partial boxes) in 90 degree patterns.
        • Conjuring – Originally crafted by street magicians, conjuring involves creating the illusion of 'magic' dancing lights in the air by simultaneously turning one light off when you turn another on. 
        • Creatures - Manipulating your finger lights to create patterns that resemble certain 'creatures' i.e. birds, dragon mouths, smiley faces, etc.
        • Dialing- Crossing fingers back and forth, with the tip of the glover’s lights pointed at the subject, giving an illusion of small objects floating
        • Digit Tutting – using the hand formations of digits and the concept motion of finger tutting together to create small tetris-like 3D box and puzzle effects.
        • Digits – Creating the illusion of 'stacking' lights on top of each other and in different directions by interlacing your fingertips in alternating positions. 
        • Finger Rolls – Opening and closing of the glover’s fingers one at a time from one side to the other creating a smooth 'wave' effect.
        • Finger Tutting – Using your fingers to create and trace different geometrical 'square' angles on and around your hands.
        • Flails – A sub-type of whips, involving rotating the glover’s wrist in a circular motion to create a pinwheel effect. The rotation point can be applied to the elbow as well creating an even wider motion.
        • Impacts – combination of thumbs tricks and conjuring. Using two different color thumb lights (color combo traditionally used is red and blue) to combine illusions or finger tutting, conjuring, and remoting while “abusing” (pointing the light directly in the viewers vision) whichever color or mode the glover’s thumbs are on. 
        • Liquid – Using a joint-by-joint motion to create the illusion of flowing water. This concept can be applied to fingers, hands and even your full arms.
        • Miming/Isolating – Operating off of an imaginary surface or point and moving around that point/surface (the same way a mime moves his hands across an imaginary wall).
        • Morphing – Using folds and slides to create an illusion similar to the concept of clay-mation, but with light instead of actual matter
        • Musicality – The glover’s ability to control his/her speed and concepts in relation to whatever music is playing. 
        • Popping – Quickly tensing and then releasing a certain muscle group to create a “stop and pop” effect.
        • Remoting – Moving your body equal speed across equal distance between two moving parts (i.e. the glover’s right and left arm) to create the effect of robotic motion.
        • Transitions – the “moves between moves” that allow glovers to connect from one concept to another seamlessly - kind of like edits in a movie
        • Wave Tutting - Applying the concepts of fingerwaves/rolls to connect finger tuts together.
        • Whips – Fast, proportional, tunnel-like motions that create the illusion of light being 'whipped' around by the glove.

        • Batman – Traditionally, these are black top cases and clear bottom cases.
        • Color Set – Color sets are a relatively new term. With all the new options and modes for the new glove lights, some lights have multiple color sets. This basically means that you can have multiple sets of colors in one chip. (e.g. the eLite Trinity chip contains 3 Color Sets. RGB, BWG, and PiYB)
        • Custom Show – Check out EL’s newest up and coming glovers with the custom shows. We’re not trying to sell you on anything here, we’re just promoting our great emazing glovers J
        • Diffraction/3D Glasses – Glasses that have the ability to Separate the colors that make up white light, like a triangular prism.
          EL (Electro Luminscent) Wire/EL Wire Masks - Electroluminescent wire (often abbreviated to EL wire) is a thin copper wire coated in a phosphor which glows when an alternating current is applied to it. It can be used in a wide variety of applications—vehicle and/or structure decoration, safety and emergency lighting, toys, clothing etc
        • eGloves (Pre-Wired) – pre wired gloves, or eGloves, are pre-wired gloves. They contain 3 small LED bulbs for each finger tip which can come in a few different color options. They all have power packs at the wrist, and have 6 different modes
        • eZClick = Mode option
        • Featured Show – Every Sunday catch EmazingLights featured Glove Set. Consisting of our top glovers.
        • Flow Light/ Poi – Flowlights are LED Poi. Poi refers to both a style of performance art and the equipment used for engaging in poi performance. As a performance art, poi involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. Poi artists may also sing or dance while swinging their poi.
        • Frosted Bulb – Frosted means the LED is more diffused. It will usually give off a cloudy whitish-gray color. These bulbs generally brighter overall than unfrosted bulbs.
        • G.L.O.V.E. – G.L.O.V.E. is a game created by EmazingLights. It’s basically a one versus one game where one person try’s to ‘one-up’ the other person with a 3 or 5 count combination.
        • Gloves – There are numerous types of gloves. They are all basically the same thing. They cover the palms and fingers of your whole hand. They are used to contain your glove lights and keep them attached to your hands.
        • Leash (Poi) – The leash is the way that people grip their poi. Handles range from tubing to custom straps. The most popular and comfortable leashes contain swivels which run off a ball bearing and do not get tangled.
        • 'Mod' (Modification) – A modification to a light is any small alteration, adjustment, or limitation. There are many different mods that people do which can either enhance or worsen someone’s light show.
        • Mode Option – Mode options are a relatively new term. Which each mode, there now contains options. Mode options are available on lights such as: eLite Matrix, eZLite, and the eLite Oracle! Mode options are accessible when the user is on a mode, clicks and holds, and the mode will change.
        • 'OG' Bulbs – OG or Original bulbs are usually the first generation (first release) of any color set. Some glovers like to be apart of history and the past by having a set of these bulbs in their collection.
        • Poking Bulbs – LED Bulbs usually fire 3 colors, poking a bulb is basically taking out one of the diodes so that there are only two colors. This is a very old technique that produces some very pretty bulbs. This old technique is outdated now because of the advancement of using 4 prong LED bulbs.
        • Prongs – For gloving, there are only 2 and 4 prond LED bulbs. 2 prong LED bulbs are for a negative and positive polarity. 4 prong LED bulbs contain two extra prongs that give them the ability to create complex patterns and to choose their personal color sets.
        • Stash Boxers – Underwear that you can hide things in!
        • Super Brights – Super Bright LEDs are usually clear (unfrosted) LED bulbs. They have a very intense ‘hot spot’ and are brighter and more directional than standard LED bulbs. These bulbs generally only come in a solid color for their brightness.
        • Toro Flux- A mesmerizing kinetic sculpture and an interactive "flow toy" that's like a 4th dimensional "slinky". Folds flat and pops open, surprising everyone.
        • Unfrosted Bulb – Unfrosted bulbs are clear LED bulbs that you can see right through. They are brighter in their focal points, but overall they are less bright. They are great for thumbs or for people who want very intense focal spot glove lights.
        • 'Velcro' – simple hook-and-loop fastener. Many glovers use Velcro to hold their glove lights in place. Mainly for palms lights.

    3. Types of Microlights


      eDots are our most basic microlights. Perfect for beginners, these are the only microlights in our stock that feature a simple on/off switch on the back.


      • On/Off Switch
      • Easily detachable backing
      • Long-cut bulbs
      • Comfortable
      • Uses CR1616 batteries


      A long time favorite in the gloving community, Micromaxes still hold their own as many glovers’ preferred microlights.


      • Simple On/Off digital button
      • Back panel can be easily removed for battery changes
      • Numerous modes and chips
      • Uses CR1616 batteries


      Inovas are one of the brightest microlights we carry and are perfect for thumbs and palms. Many glovers prefer this light because of how easy it is to change modes during lightshows.


      • Simple On/Off button
      • 3 modes – High power solid, Middle power strobe, Slow flash strobe
      • Excellent for thumbs and palms
      • Extremely bright
      • Uses CR1616 batteries


      eLites are our highest caliber microlights. These are the most advanced and customizable microlights on the market and come with a large selection of programmable modes and colors. We currently sell 7 different types of eLites.

      eZLite: 3 simple modes and full color customization. The eZLite was made for glovers who want to keep it simple.


      • eZClick mode selection
      • 3 modes
      • 20 colors
      • Easy programming
      • Uses CR1616/CR1620 batteries

      eNova: eNovas are our brightest eLites and work perfectly as bright thumbs and palm lights.


      • Our brightest eLites
      • Excellent for thumbs and palms
      • 3 modes
      • 3 second timer for creative mode switching
      • 20 colors
      • Uses CR1616/CR1620 batteries

      Trinity: The Trinity allows you to have access to 3 different glove sets at any given time. If you like to switch your colors and modes up during your lightshow, this is the light for you.


      • Holds 3 custom glove sets in chip memory
      • 3 modes
      • 20 colors
      • Uses CR1616/CR1620 batteries

      Matrix: So many modes, so little time. This light has the most modes of any LED on the market.


      • 35 modes (7 modes with 5 options each)
      • eZClick mode selection
      • 20 colors
      • Uses CR1616/CR1620 batteries

      Oracle: Imagine having access to 8 glove sets at any given time. We made it possible with the Oracle.


      • Holds 8 custom glove sets in chip memory
      • 8 modes
      • 20 colors
      • 100,000+ possible combinations
      • eZClick mode selection
      • Uses CR1616/CR1620 batteries

      Chroma:  The eLite Chroma is the first microlight of its kind and was specifically designed with your creativity in mind. With all-new tint and 7-color mode capabilities, the possibilities are endless.


      • Program up to 7 colors per mode
      • Tint control
      • ClickSwitch (1-mode to 5-mode function)
      • Ability to create virtually any strobe pattern you can imagine
      • 5 modes
      • 20 colors
      • Uses CR1616/CR1620 batteries

    4. Gloving Events



  • Building a Glove Set
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    What lights are for you? Wanna create something creative? Find out everything about building a glove set here.
    1. Glove Sizing Chart

      Gloves come in a variety of choices and sizing/styles are all based on personal preference. The majority of top glovers use white gloves because they allow viewers to really appreciate the movements of their hands while they are controlling the lights. Other styles include black gloves with white tips, fuzzy gloves and slim-fit gloves.

      Please refer to our [sizing chart] to guide your purchase.

      Check out our gloves here:

    2. How To Place Lights In Gloves

      How Do You Place Lights In Your Gloves?

      Your gloves are your paint brush and every glover chooses how to wear their gloves based on personal preference.  Before putting your gloves on, decide whether or not you are going to glove with the lights on the top or bottom of your fingers.

      Tip #1: Experiment with your lights facing in different directions – it may take some time to figure out what is most comfortable for you). Make sure the buttons or switches are all facing in one direction to ensure you can turn your lights on and off without any issues. Once the lights are in, slip your hands into the gloves and carefully pull them on until you are comfortable. Turn them on and have fun.


      Tip #2: You can utilize palm lights by attaching double stick Velcro to your microlight and the inner palm of your gloves.


    3. Anatomy of a Microlight

      Most microlights consist of 4 separate parts:

      The chip is the ‘brain’ of your microlight. Chips come standard sized based on your casings (eLite, Micromax, Inova) i.e. all eLite chips fit into all eLite casings. Chips turn your lights on and off, allow you to switch between modes and come with a variety of features based on the model you choose.

      Note: eDot microlights do not use chips and have simple on/off functionality that can be controlled by a small switch.

      Check Out Our Chips Here:


      The plastic that holds the chipset and LED bulb together and protects it from being damaged. 

      Pro Tip: eLite and eDot casings (colored and clear) can also be used to add a touch of creativity to your shows by tinting the color of your bulbs and adding an extra layer of diffusion to make your trails look bigger!




      The actual light! Bulbs come in hundreds of different styles and combinations and can be mixed and matched based off of your specific preferences!

      Check out our huge selection of LED Bulbs:


      Lights don’t work without a little electricity! The majority of microlights use CR1616 and CR1620 calculator batteries. Be sure to check which batteries work for your lights before you purchase!

      Buy batteries here:

    4. Microlights 101

      Microlight Tutorials

      Having trouble programming our microlights? Curious about how our eLite Matrix looks in action? You’ve come to the right place. Here you will find videos explaining how to use our various microlights.

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