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Promoters Program

Join the iHeartRaves and EmazingLights affiliate program and not only will you be joining our awesome team and help to spread the word about your favorite products, you will get rewarded for your efforts.

Our system tracks referrals REAL-TIME and you can literally never spend another dime on lights or rave gear again! Accumulate sales commission by spreading the word and giving future customers your own personal affiliate discount code. Each time that code is used on EITHER or you'll receive 5% store credit. Once your credit accumulates to above $25 you can purchase any products of your choosing on either site.


It couldn't be simpler! We've streamlined our entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate tracking methods. The process is as follows:
  • You refer customers to or by business cards, flyers, raves, forums, email, banners, word of mouth etc. (We have business cards available to purchase as well as our Promoter Package)
  • Visitors browse through the simple navigation of the site and add products to their carts.
  • The visitor then uses your CUSTOM coupon code which not only gives you credit but also saves them money or includes a free gift in their purchase!
  • After the sale is made it will be reflected in real-time to your affiliate login page and we will send you email updates on your referrals and rewards you have accumulated.
  • We will review and approve the sale.
  • You can request to use your store credit whenever you have a balance of over $25 dollars.
That's it! You send us business, we send you FREE iHeartRaves Gear!

Get Started Now! Signing up and getting your account configured couldn't be easier. You can be referring other light enthusiast our way in as little as five minutes.
With our excellent service to all of our customers and promoters spreading the word on the new professional rave site, you can rest assured that you can be proud to represent EmazingLights and now as well!

We do have some basic ground rules for the program, so please read before signing up:
  • You cannot use your own coupon code (no double dipping!)
  • You may NOT receive credit for referring yourself.
  • Do not SPAM the review section of any products on the website with your coupon code or social media posts
Participants caught violating or attempting to circumvent these rules will have all affiliate credit voided and will not receive payouts. Additionally, they will be banned from further participation in our affiliate program.